19 December 2012

Disney World Trip Day 1

Here's the first installment of our trip report to Disney World. I was smart enough to begin writing while I was there, so I am able to copy and past these posts from my word doc.
Without further ado, day 1: Arrival!

 Saturday Dec 8th  (Day 1): Arrival/Downtown Disney
This morning we got the boys up at 4:30 AM to head to Denver/Orlando. They got up and were willing to go, but Lincoln wasn’t too thrilled that he couldn’t play with the tablets (something that would be repeated all day-“can I play with the tablet?”) We got to the airport, parked the car so Michelle and Butter could pick it up. Going through security took maybe 20 minutes, which wasn’t too bad. Everyone did fine the first time through, and no chance for any TSA feel ups.
Lincoln reading the aircraft emergency info book
In flight TV, a great invention, along with tablets!

The plane ride from Portland to Denver was fine, a little bumpy coming into Denver, but a nice ride. I really liked Frontier Airlines, the flight attendants were amazing and on this leg one gave the boys free Direct TV on the seat backs.
Hit the Jump to see the video and read more!

Once we got off the plane in Denver (They figured they were there to see Uncle Joe), we pulled them aside and gave them the news that we were going to Disney World (DW), see video above. They were excited, but I think a bit tired, nervous from the flight, etc. We got some McDonald's for everyone and waited to hit the connection to Orlando. The flight went AMAZING; No ear troubles for anyone (on either flight). We got to Orlando, and took the tram to the bus terminal and met our first Cast Member from Disney! We got on Disney's Magical Express to take us to our hotel. That was a great ride! So easy, comfy, air conditioned, and it had a movie on it which made the kids happy. It was warm (mid to upper 70’s) and it was muggy by Oregonian standards.
We got checked in, got the stroller and case of water that was delivered earlier that day and headed to our room in Oak Manor (building 90). The kids loved the room, and so did Rob! I was happy because he didn’t really have much say in planning-only the big things. J We got the carry-ons unpacked, relaxed a bit then left for Downtown Disney (DTD).
We took a water taxi from the hotel down the river to The Marketplace. We were VERY hungry and we were looking for Earl of Sandwich. Without a map we walked the entire length of DTD not finding it. Finally at the end, I asked a Cast Member and of course it was up at the Marketplace portion of DTD. The CM told us to grab the water taxi and take it back there, brilliant! So we did that and got back to where we began (lol). We went to Earl of Sandwich for dinner (QS meal) and had a great meal! Kids had a Pizza Sandwich and Grilled Cheese with milk and cupcake desserts (which as of now, haven’t eaten yet). Rob got the Earl Sandwich and pudding along with a soda. I got the BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich and the strawberry shortcake and a bottle of water. Everything we had was amazing! To whoever suggested the restaurant, thank you!
Family shot in Downtown Disney
We did some shopping at World of Disney (looking) and Making Disney Memories (buying Mouse Ear hats). We were exhausted and needed to get back to the hotel. We found the bus right by where we were and were lucky to find a Port Orleans (POR) bus there. We hopped on, and we were on our way (with a stop at DTD, and a driver change ahead of us, which caused a delay of 5 minutes or so). Rob crashed on the bus. Got back to the hotel and we were done. Kids slept together, and after 10 minutes of Lincoln’s crap, Rob jumped in bed with them to calm him down. He passed out. He just came to bed with me at 1:50 AM as I am writing this.
All are well; looking forward to Epcot tomorrow. I think Chandler is nervous about this whole thing, doesn’t like not knowing what’s cracking. Silly thing is, so am I. I’ve never been here before, we’re learning together. But he’s 7, that’s expected. Instead of planning on getting up at the crack of dawn (hey, we’re still on west coast time), we are going to go when the kids get up.  Keep it simpler, I hope. 
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