05 December 2012

How we are surprising the kids for Disney World

As most of my friends know, we're heading to Disney World! But we are surprising them, so how do you surprise your kids on the biggest trip they will have ever taken!? After researching message boards (thank Dis Boards), Pinterest, other blogs, I decided to mash something up. Thanks is what I came up with:

I made the drawstring backpacks using a pattern found HERE. I used cording/drawstring instead of fabric, but I am happy with how they turned out. I used a light twill for the exterior so they are more sturdy. Inside each backpack they are lined with specific fabric for each kiddo.I did have to re-do the strings since they were too short last time. So from grey to black.
To see all the details, hit the jump!


 Inside each kiddo's back pack is the following (list below):

Lincoln's contents

Chandler's contents
  • Mickey Christmas PJs
  • Glow Sticks for the Mickey Very Merry Christmas Party (dollar store)
  • Coloring books (Rudolph, dollar store)
  • Coloring pages/word searches/mazes printed out from the Web
  • Crayons/Pencils/Click Sharpies
  • Pins (ebay)
  • Lanyard (ebay)
  • Map from Disney Store
  • Chandler will have our custom printed Disney Maps that Disney sends.
Custom made contents:
  • Autograph Book

 I downloaded all the pages from HERE. Then I scaled them to 4x6 inside of Word, then printed them out on card stock. I cut each down to 4x7. The plan is to get the autograph (click Sharpies inside crayon baggie) then cut them down to 4x6, put them into a photo album opposite the photo with kiddo and character.

  • Custom Journal for each kiddo

 I downloaded most of the pages from HERE. I added one for MVMCP, and such. I then printed them on card stock. Chandler's journal is much more involved. With the expectation of him working on his writing skills while away. There is trivia inside it too, so he can use his brain just a tad as well. LOL. For Lincoln's I used the concept, but made it so he answered my questions. We will transcribe what he says, and on the back of each page there is a spot for him to draw a picture of what he did (a favorite thing to do). His book is about 8-10 pages, where as Chandler's is about 30. I took them to FedEx Office and had them both spiral bound with a clear front and back added. It cost about $10.

  • Christmas Disney Bingo game

For my Bingo cards, I hit google images and copied them into an Excel spreadsheet. I made 4 different sheets, so each of us could play. The idea is for something to do while we are on the plane or at the airport. After I printed out the cards, I put them on colored card stock (I have so much of this stuff, lol). I laminated them, with the hope that dry erase crayons will work on them. I do need to check that-ha!

All of this wrapped up with a tag and bow. Merry Christmas boys! :)

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