29 November 2008

Singing Christmas Tree!

Singing...It's a lot of fun, and hard work all rolled into one awesome 2.5 hour performance! Yes. Singing! We are offically open at the Keller Auditorium in Portland. We have fantastic guest performers this year, it's unbelieveable!

Rob went to the opening show yesterday and took video of 2 songs. Here are the 2 songs in 1 video (my test at video editing-very basic). The first song is I heard the Bells on Christmas Day w/ Dona Nobis, featuring the adult and youth choirs and Timothy Greenidge. The second song is I Heard Three Ships featuring the Adult Choir and the Bells of the Cascades (a bell choir).

If you have never been to see the show, you have to come. The Singing Christmas Tree has been singing to Portland for 46 years!

We have 6 more shows left! Come see us!!! Tickets are going fast, and even a couple shows are sold out! For more info check out: http://www.singingchristmastree.org/

22 November 2008

Lincoln laughs

Tonight we were watching the OSU vs AZ game on tv and while I was very very nervous at the end...Lincoln was laughing at me... Silly kid. I was yelling at the tv and he thought it was the silliest thing out there. So I grabbed my new Flip video camera (Thank you Angi's List) and got him laughing again. :) It was so cute, I had to share.


Picture time!

We decided to go get pictures taken of the family last week... Well we had all planned on being in them but Chandler decided to be uncooperative. So we went ahead with just doing Lincoln's first Christmas picture, with the hopes of getting a family shot in the future. We went to Portrait Innovations in Hillsboro, it was awesome! Lincoln was super smiley and happy showing off his gummy smile. For more pictures check here! Lincoln's photo album

13 November 2008

Lincoln is 4 months!!!

I can't believe how time is flying!!!!

His offical Stats:
Length 25.75" (75%)
Weight 16# 1 oz (90%)
Head 40 cm (10% I think)

Here's the offical 4 mo. shots... So sweet!

Tasting some yummy oatmeal!
He loves it, so he smiles while eating, thus ejecting some. LOL!
How can you or anyone say NO to this adorable face!!!!

More pics to come later!!!

Wisdom Teeth...

These suckers were supposed to come out 5 years ago... But now I have finally done it! This morning all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth were taken out. I had IV sedation and am taking some nice pain pills. I don't remember anything of the surgery except waking up to Paul Simon on my Ipod and going to sleep with Garth Brooks. :) Very nice!

My jaw is sore and I can only open it up 1/2" or so but I am hanging in there. I am praying that I don't have a dry socket. But so far so good.