25 April 2011

Facing the music Monday...and it's beautiful!

Last week's weigh in on Monday was not good (up 2.4), but I knew it when I walked into WW that morning. Last week was a difficult week since I lost my laptop (hard drive on Sunday and motherboard on Wednesday), and anyone who knows me, knows that is a very difficult thing to loose!!!! Talk about stress! Thank goodness we have the Geeks (Geeksaknockin) who took care of my hard drive, and Costco for having a 2 year warranty!!! As of this morning it's now fixed, but I am now recovering my data (thank you Carbonite), which will take some time.

But to the weigh in, itself! I went in on Friday (Good Friday to be exact) and jumped on the scale. I was down! I was down 2.6! Woo! Now I knew I had worked out hard, cardio and lifting on my own. It's been hard to make it to group exercise classes as of late, so I am developing my own system using the stuff I learned in Bodypump! Looks like it's working. I made it to the gym 3 times, one of them being Sunday morning before Easter service. I wanted to make sure I was good, and had a good calorie burn since it was not only Easter but my 33rd birthday!

I was good, I didn't measure, but I made good choices. I picked turkey over prime rib, 1/2 of a baked potato, more green beans, less creamed corn (OMG, that was to die for since it was homemade). The birthday cake was homemade too, and it was delish! Ok, I know you all want to know the bottom line!

And that is, I am down 5.4 in 1 week! Holy moly! What a great birthday present! Total loss is 24.

Here is a photo from Saturday night, when we went and saw the 10 Grands concert (Mom and I). Needless to say I was thrilled! And I also did my inches, and I'm down 7" at least since February!

Thanks for all the support! Here's to being down at least 25 next week!

Bodybugg data for the last week:
Calories burned (2800 goal): 3071 Average
Calories consumed (1800 goal): 1754 Average
Calorie deficit (1000 goal): 1317 Average
Physical Activity(45 min goal): 41 min Average
Steps (8000 goal): 5148 Average
BMI: 50

18 April 2011

Facing the music Monday

After so many weeks on Plan, I fell off the wagon. But as someone put it on 3fatchicks.com, I put a foot down. Now I need to pull it back up.
Today I wighed in and was up 2.4. This is my second time I've had a gain. I know that I am lucky, but it is NOT cool.

So I am going to go and get back on track; hitting the gym (which I haven't done in over a week) and tracking. I need to sync my bodybugg which will be a bit hard since my laptop has become a brick. Once it is fixed I will see how my burn has been-I am sure it sucked. Honesty, right? Thanks for the support and reading. :-)

04 April 2011

Weigh in Monday

Today I was dreading the weigh in... Honestly I hadn't been too good (or on plan) the last week. But I pay for WW for a reason, to hold me accountable! So I reminded my self that gains are normal and to be expected in the course of a long journey.
So when I weighed in this morning, I was prepping for the worst! But I didn't have to prep myself at all! Some how in the last week that included more birthday cake and pizza (3 times-yikes), I lost 1.8! Which brings me to my newest star, 20 lb lost! Holy cow!

Needless to say I was very excited, but very cautious. After a big loss last week, I was not expecting a big loss this week.

This week in our meeting we spoke about the upcoming Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge, coming up in 6 weeks on May 22nd. It will be a 5k walk. I cannot remember when I voluntarily walked 5k (I mean we did the Light the Night walk in October, but it was more like a stroll). So in 6 weeks I will be doing my first 5k (walk, maybe a run in a year). I am going to be asking (read: begging) friends to come along with me. So if you are interested, let me know!!! You don't have to be doing WW to come along. It will be in Beaverton, near Cedar Hills Crossing.

So the stats for the last week off the Bodybugg:
Avg. calories burned: 3126 (2800 goal)
Avg. calories consumed: 1693 (1800 goal)
Avg. calorie deficit: 1433 (1000 goal)
Avg. physical Activity: 36 min (45 min goal)
Avg. steps: 4604 (8000 goal) Need to bump this up for the walk!
BMI: 50.1 (started at 53.5)

I've been using the BB for 4.5 weeks now, and my goal was 2.0 lb loss (maintaining the 1000 calorie deficit). I can say I've been loosing on average 2.0 a week! Woo! Hopefully I can keep that up for the next 6 weeks. If I do, I'll hit my 10% goal on the weigh in post 5k!