31 January 2011

Monday weigh in

So let's see how I did on my goals from last week!
Work out 5 days: CHECK! WOOT!

This week I also tried to eat some of the Weekly allowance points (aim for all 49), I didn't do too well on that one, I only ate 16. That's ok. I figure this week I'll hit them since it's Super Bowl.

So here are the stats for this week:
Lost 1.8 lb
Total lost: 7.2 lb
Average Points eaten: 48.4
Weekly Points Allowance eaten: 16 our of 49
Activity Points Earned: 38 (none used)

Weekly Average for January: 1.8 lb

Over all I am happy, but I am a bit disappointed. I figured with all the gym time it would have been a bigger number, at least 2 lbs. But at the same time it's the same amount I lost in the last 2 weeks combined. So I am happy about that.

Jeannine, my Leader, said that you can look at it two ways: you didn't loose what you wanted, and give up. Which means you most likely will gain it back, or you can accept it and repeat what you did next week for another 1.8.

As hard as it is I will look at it positively. 7.2 is still closer to my 60 lb goal by June 29. So here's to 52.8 more lbs in 21 weeks! If I average 1.8 for the next 21 weeks, that puts me at 45 lb. That's still good!

I really need to NOT STRESS on the number! It's just really hard not to! Ugh!!!!
Must chill and go work out!

27 January 2011

Celery Stalk science experiement!

Chandler was being a super kiddo this evening, so I decided to break out my "teacher" hat. :)

We decided to play with the celery, after I begged him to have a bite of celery from his stir fry dinner (he did, this was the reward).

I told him about the experiment we did in Mr. Foote's 5th grade class decades ago. We used food coloring in water and soaked the celery in it to see what would happen. He guessed (correctly) that it would turn blue and read (his food coloring choices). Left is his written hypothesis! He even spelled "my," "and," and "is" correctly! Very proud mama moment!

So here's our photos of our science experiment!

Chandler has the supplies on the table:
  • 2 Beakers
  • Measuring cup with lots of water
  • 2 Stalks of fresh celery (ends cut off, leaves left on)
  • Blue food coloring
  • Red food coloring
  • Wet rag in case of food coloring spillage or leaks (yes, I did learn from this as Lincoln is sleeping with red hands, whoops!)

Fill each beaker with water, Chandler decided to do 400 mL in each beaker.

Then add the food coloring. Pick colors that will show against the green of the celery. Don't do green or yellow, in other words. Otherwise you might not be able to see it.

Then have your kiddo add the celery. Take a photo and so you have something to compare it to once you check on the progress. Check back and make notes on how it's going.

For more photos you can see this link:
January & February 2011 photos

24 January 2011

Weekly number

This morning was my Weight Watchers weigh in. I was down .8 lb, a little disappointing, but oh well. Life moves on right? But what made me so thirlled was that I was down 5.4 lb since beginning this journey 3 weeks ago!

So I am giving myself this 5 lb lost star! Yes, it's silly, but it will help remind me that I am on the right track.

I also had my daily points reduced, which is a good thing! I have a hard time eating all the points as it is.

So let's see how I did on my goals for last week. I worked out twice, missed a group class that I wanted to do on Saturday for a pedicure. Hey, I deserve it! :) So this week's goal is to hit 3 group classes and cardio twice on my own. Tonight I am going to go to Zumba again. I did it my first week and I lost 3.6, so let's see if I can do it again! I'd love to see another 3 lb next week. So into the gym I must go! Especially if I want to see 12 of those stars by Lincoln's birthday!!!

18 January 2011


I am working on making the blog prettier. Please be patient while I make it more "fun" and enable some neat features... Well if I can figure out the HTML. :)

17 January 2011

WW Giveaway

I found a new blog, and they are giving away some cool WW gear. Check it out! :)

The week 2 lull?

For those that watch the Biggest Looser on NBC, know all too well about the lack of weight loss in week 2. I don't know if it's because they shock their system that first week or if it's because week 2 is just harder period. For me, I was surprised when I went to weigh in today. I was figuring that proverbial week 2 that's notorious on the Biggest Looser was going to grab hold. It wasn't that I wasn't on plan, it was just a bit harder. But I was down 1 lb which made me smile, and reaffirmed that I can do this. Last week I concentrated on adding power foods, but I lacked the exercise that I did that first week. So this week I am going to strive to hit the gym 3 times, at least 2 being in a group class. While I love doing the Zumba class Monday night, it's just hard to make with Chandler's Taekwondo which is about an hour before my class.

So next weeks goals: hit the 5 lb mark and hit the gym 3 times. Seems easy enough! :)

14 January 2011

Week two!

I weighed in on Monday and was down 3.6 lb! I was very pleased with the number! Very!!

I was really good all week, didn't used any extra points, just activity points, so I earned them. On Saturday I did a new class, Bodypump at 24 hr fitness. It really was amazing, kicked my ass! I was so sore on Sunday and worse on Monday. So I was even more insane and did it again on Tuesday! Guess what?! I wasn't nearly as sore. I am going to go again on Saturday, so we'll see how the 3rd time goes. I am sure it will be better. This afternoon, I'd like to hit the gym and do the elipitical for 1/2 an hour or so. Hopefully that will happen.

I am doing well with the diet, counting points and tracking. I bought the new WW cookbook and it looks promising for menu ideas. I am looking forward to making some recipes out of it. You can get it at Amazon or I bought mine at Costco. Even came with a free WW Magazine subscription!
I am also trying to add in more power foods to each meal this week, which was the topic of this week's meeting. So far I am learning what the green triangle means: you are fuller longer, and they are better bang for the buck! I rediscovered Malt O Meal hot cereal, only 3 points, and with 2 Tbs of brown sugar it's 6 points for breakfast! Yum!

I will try and post on Monday for the weigh in. I'd love to see another big number!

05 January 2011

First week-take one!

So I did it, I weighed in. I am at 331. There I said it. I have 50 WW points to eat a day, plus 49 extra points a week (which I don't have to eat, but can if I am doing something special). I am trying to stick to my 50 pts a day only; best way to start the journey, no "cheating" even if it's allowed.

Monday I did pretty good, I had 52 points, but I went and worked out. So that gave me 7 extra points for the week. I went with Amy and Jonathan Echols to Zumba at 24 hr fitness. It's a 60 minute class, all cardio. I did pretty well, Jonathan was very impressed that I lasted the whole 60 minutes, and frankly I was dumbfounded I lasted! Woot! I was cramping toward the end, and feared what Tuesday might bring. I was sore Monday night, but nothing too bad. Just used muscles I hadn't in a while!

Tuesday, I woke up sore-had a restful night's sleep, but tossed a bit thanks to those rarely used muscles that were making their presence known. I ate well, under my points by a couple. Had pasta with sauce for dinner (a fave for the boys) and some peas. I need to find a dressing for salad that I like. I am so picky-and really only like Ranch (which is bad for those on a diet). I also made a spreadsheet with foods that we keep in the house and eat often, listing their portion and points value. That will be handy!

One thing I have noticed is there are some great sites that I have found for resources for WW people. I have become a fan of 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet for their message boards. I am going to add some buttons off to the side of other blogs that have great recipes or tools for myself. Feel free to visit them and learn from them as well! I already have!

Today, I am trying to figure out dinner. Not sure what to do. I am thinking chicken, but not sure what I want to do with it. I have some left over pasta for a side. But I will see if Chandler has some ideas, since Rob will be at school tonight and it's just the boys and I.

On Saturday Rob and I will be going to 24 hr to try out a new GroupX class-a barbell lifting class called Les Mills Bodypump. I hope it is a good class, since I prefer lifting to cardio any day. But I will continue with Zumba on Monday nights with Amy and Jonathan. It was fun!

Well that's about it. I am on my journey to my first goal of 5% of my weight, about 17 lbs. But I'd really like to be down to 271 (60 lb down) by Lincoln's birthday. Besides hitting that in 6 months, it's the weight I was as a Freshman in High School (when I did track). I can do it!

02 January 2011

New year, new start!

This year, I am actually going to try to keep to something I resolve to do. It never works, but alas, I try. For 2011, and beyond, I am going to give it my all to loose this blasted weight. With all of Chandler's health issues fixed (Tethered Spinal Cord surgery June 7, 2010), it's time to focus on myself. Not for the selfish reasons, but to be alive to see my grand babies (here's hoping)!

So I start this year...FAT! I pray I am just less FAT!

I am going to loose weight by doing Weight Watcher's Points Plus system. Currently I am allowed 49 points. I don't know how to eat that much and loose weight, but Rob tells me you have to eat to loose. He's also aiming to loose some pounds, so we will do this together! Plan is to hit 24 hr Fitness 3 times a week to do either Zumba or 24Lift. Then two more times to do weights.

My blog goal is to blog on my weigh in days: thinking Monday right now. I will even give you the shameful numbers! I need to own it, even if I am embarrassed by it.

So tomorrow, I'll report the whole deal. Promise!