TKD Training Diary

Here's where I'll talk about training in Taekwondo. Today I started with my first class with Master Jim Null. It was nice, I was the only student there! Chandler came with, and he worked on his Form with Mrs. Master Null. He's been having trouble in steps 12-14, so she got him squared away on those! Woo! He was very excited that I was there, training with him.

July 18-Day 1: white belt
I worked on front kick, step behind side kick, fast kick and round house kick, turns out my right side is a hell of a lot stronger than the left, no surprise since I am right handed. :) I nailed the round house kicks, Master Null said only 5% of the white belts tend to nail the round house kick, and I was one of them. Score!
I also worked on low and high blocks, man those are confusing, but I got it. I got my red tape on my belt! I need to have black, green and blue to get my yellow belt. Next class is on Wednesday!

July 27- Day 4: Yellow belt
Chandler & I on Testing Day
I did my yellow belt testing in class (it was a surprise-not prepped). I did well, but had a hard time with the board, turns out it was a dud board that I began kicking (step behind side kick). Once we got the board issue fixed, my foot flew threw it. :) I did well on Basic Form 1, and was given a pass! Woot! Right afterward, I began in the yellow belt class with Chandler, so 1 hr 15 minutes of training. It was awesome!

August 17- Day 10: Testing day!
Round house Nataban during testing 8/22

 Chandler and I did our color belt testing, and we "nailed it!" Chandler did great, he was solid. He broke his board with a great front kick, only had a few minor misses in his Poomsae (Taegeuk 2 e Jang), and had some trouble with his Korean and Q&A. I was very proud, and it was very cool to sit on the mat and watch him, and then get up and do the same thing! I don't think I've felt that kind of pressure to perform since college, and that's been 10 years! Oy! Kevin was our photographer, and got some cool shots.
Chandler board breaking 8/22

Aug 22-Day 11:Yellow with Green Stripe belt
Today we began working on Taegeuk 3 Sam Jang, I think I have moves 1-10 figured out, not mastered at all! We also worked on Back kick, which will be our board break kick in October at the next color belt testing (Green here I come). That was a bit of a difficult kick, lots of things to do before you kick the bag. Then we did Axe kick, which has always been Chandler's go to kick when he was in Tiny Tigers. I can see why, it's fun! I was kicking up to my shoulder, and toward the end, it could have been my chin! Target area for that kick, is head, nose (break it!), and collar bone (break it=bad day bad guy)! I will try to keep this diary going as we learn Sam Jang. :)
September 26-Day 21 : Yellow with Green Stripe belt
Today I hit a goal of Ax Kicking at my head. Mrs. Master Null was holding the target and told me I hit it! I was very excited since I had made this a goal to hit by October 13th! Score! I have Sam Jang down and am practicing Basic Form 1 again so I can complete two full forms at testing. Now to see if Chandler will be able to do it as well.

October 1:
Chandler had a private lesson and we now know what we need to work on for him to attempt to double belt promote. We have our work cut out for ourselves, but Chandler is a strong and determined kiddo. I know he can do it, if he just keeps his focus.

October 7:
Chandler had his Black Belt Club time today and since Master Null is at the Pan Am games, he had a sub. They worked on Board Breaks & Poomsae! Perfect for Chandler!!! He really needed some help on his board break, all of a sudden his back kick is weakening. Hmmm... Frustrating for this mama! Belt testing on my 26th day of training! Cannot wait, so ready!!!!

10/12 Finished testing
October 11 Day 31: Belt Testing Eve! We are not going for a double belt promotion, which is probably the smart thing to do. Chandler isn't ready to be held to the higher standard that Green belts are held to once they have a blue stripe. So we'll (hopefully) be Green Belts by tomorrow evening. Tonight we went to practice belt testing and were told to NOT over practice, since Chandler is starting to degrade in his self defense. So we are not cramming for tomorrow. Works for me. I think I was going to go insane trying to get Chandler to memorize various Korean terms. But he's got it down, but most likely will falter at testing-nerves. :) Oh well, he can still pass. His attitude alone shines success! Love that kid!

October 12: Belt Testing Day! Chandler and I both passed our tests! I missed earning decided tape (red) just by a tiny bit-it took 2 tries to break my board. I got A's on both my Poomsae (Taeguk 3 (sam) Jang and Basic Form 1). Since I did all 20 moves of sam Jang, I earned brown tape, and by doing Basic Form 1, I earned silver tape. Chandler received silver tape for doing Basic Form 1 with me. He wasn't able to break his board at testing, but brought it in on Friday, and nailed it! Go figure!

October 24: Day  34 (Green Belt) Today we started working on Taeguk 4 (sa) Jang, which is a very intense form! We only need to know moves 1-12 for green belt, but can learn the whole thing (20 moves) and earn brown tape. After a very good workout, Master Null had us do a visualization exercise. He had us visualize putting on our brown belt, then taking off the senior brown belt and (in front of a bunch of Black Belts) getting the red & black Poom belt, then finally tying on the Black Belt. It really was something to think about. Besides
getting my degree at OSU, this is one task that will last a lifetime. And seeing that in my mind, gave me more determination to achieve that goal!

November 2: Day  37 Today I was informed that the Dojang will be moving to a new location-Aim High Martial Arts. It's a much bigger space and will offer a lot more times/class options. But we'll still be Family Kicks! Sweet! With this move, I have been added to the Black Belt Club! I got my fancy new blue Dobok, and it's all hemmed and ready for Friday's class! I also worked on Sa Jang-now I am up to move 12! This is where we will end for green belts (if we want-but no way, I'll do it all). We move to the new location on November 16th, but the kids will do a Little Warriors (Lincoln) and a Warrior Junior (Chandler) class this Saturday. Should be fun!
Feb '12 Belt testing for Sr. Green, Axe Kick

Feb '12 belt testing (for Senior Green) Axe Kick

Chandler & I after having our blue belts tied on! April 2012
April 30: Today I sit here a Blue Belt. I am now in the intermediate class with Chandler. I am in awe as to where Chandler and I have come from to where we are now, especially for him. He's such an amazing kid! I am looking at this next block and it's very intimidating. I have to do a Jump Kick for a board break-this body is really not meant ready to jump! We are also learning Pal Jang, the most difficult form in Olympic Taekwondo, it has 27 moves. Thankfully we only need to know 1-12, but still, it's a lot! Chandler is doing well with learning it, and it's going to take the next 7 weeks to have him solid in those 12 moves. My goal is to learn and do the whole form at belt testing. I will try and update this page more often.

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