31 May 2011

It's still a loss!

Since Monday was Memorial Day (Thank you to our troops) I got to weigh in a day late. Honestly, I was not looking forward to this weigh in. I totally blew last week. I didn't log any meals (crap) but I did wear my bodybugg, so I do know what my burn was. Granted it doens't mean much when you eat too much shit food! But damn, it did taste good. :)

But alas, I did calculate my averages for the last week:
Worn: 18.3 hrs/day
Burn: 2977
Steps: 4209
Activity: 42 min
Sleep: 6:19 hrs
BMI 48.52
Lost .6 lb

So for having a *very* long weekend with the kids and Rob working his 4 day shift week, I am surprised I did as well as I did! I totally figured it was a gain of 2-3. But I kicked it into diet mode on Saturday, so maybe that saved me.

Honestly, cheating like that, just cheats myself. I know it's totally cheesy, corny or cliche, but still. I can only answer to one person, myself. So who's to blame? Me. But on the flip side of the coin, who's to blame for the loss? ME! So, this week, I need to recommit to being on plan. I want to loose 2.5 lb this week, so I can get my 10% key ring (again, those darn tokens)!

I hit the gym yesterday, and I am going to go in a few minutes. Tomorrow morning Rob will take Lincoln to speech and my plan is to hit Bodypump class at 24 hr. It's been ages since I've been able to go to that class. So I look forward to it. I should do my measurements next week to see where I am at on the tape measure. I know that is really the true victory, smaller clothes. :) All I know my arms are sore from yesterday's lifting. So today will be just some fun on the elliptical.

Here's to a good week and some sun this weekend (I am going to prep the hot tub for this weekend)!


23 May 2011

30 lb gone forever!!!!!

Last week when I did my mid week weigh in, I was in a good spot, both mentally and in terms of lbs down. Over the weekend, I didn't go crazy, especially since I was still a bit stiff from doing my 5k on Thursday. So when I weighed in today, I was hoping to have a -2 show up, boy was I happy when it was -3.2! Which means I get to add my 30 lb down star to the post! Woot!!!!

I am now onto the same goal I've been attempting to hit for the last few weeks, 10% loss. I am still 3 lbs away from that. If all goes well this week, I will hit it next Tuesday (no WW on Monday since it's Memorial Day). I am hoping I get to get that blasted keyring!!! I have 3 charms to put on it, my 25 lb charm, 16 week key to success, and now my 5k charm!

For this week, I want to make it outside and do some more walking. I think I burn more when I do that. But good ol' Oregon weather will make it officially "weather permitting." I know that's an excuse. Of course that's what we talked about in our meeting this week. But hey, walking with a (almost) 3 year old in a stroller, isn't easy, and I can't imagine doing it with rain... Maybe I hit the weights in the basement, and do some Zumba on the Wii. It's been a lot harder getting to the gym with Rob's new schedule (again, an excuse! Damn it!). But here's hoping!!! Have a great week!!!

20 May 2011


I hit WW this morning to do a mid week weigh in... Good news, down 1.8 so far this week! Woot!!!

So that was great! Yesterday I walked my own 5K! I had driven the route to see if it would work, milage wise, and it did!! So I loaded Lincoln into the jogger and we walked Chandler to the bus stop. Once he was on his merry way to school, Lincoln and I were off on our 3.1 mile walk. I was very happy, and I am sore today. The hamstrings are a bit tight, as are my calves. No worries. I'll be back to normal in no time. But I was very proud of my acomplishment. I had a goal to do a 5K by May 21st, and I did it! Even if it wasn't an "official" 5K that you have to pay $20-50 to do, it still counts in my book. Now to keep it up!

Then today I was reading a friend's blog, looking for something to cook for dinner, and I found this funny flow chart on how to find food:
Here's the orignal source of the photo: Funny Flow Chart and here is her blog Cooking Claire
Check out her blog it's got some great recipes. I will be adding it to the blog roll soon! :)

I hope on Monday the weigh in goes well, and I can mark this plateau as BUSTED! Have a great weekend. Hope you get to enjoy the sun!

17 May 2011


Well I think after 5+ months of dieting I finally hit my first plateau. I gained .4 this week (after last week's gain of .2), so I am calling this what it is...sucky. That's an official term, deal with it. :) I hit the weights last week, and had a blast at Zumba on Saturday with my friends Amy, Vera & Amy. I danced for about an hour and a half, and I burned 900 calories. It was a ton of fun and a great benefit for Kidtalk, Chandler & Lincolns' speech clinic.
Amy Echols and I after our Zumba fun!
I had a great time dancing and I was even feeling uber comfortable with the moves! A  huge improvement over 3 months ago.

This week I am changing up the diet a bit, to try and break the plateau. Monday night I threw the "plan" out the window and enjoyed some awesome Italian food from Ernesto's. It was so yummy! If I am going to blow a meal, I might as well eat something that is outstanding, right?

Today I am back on plan, but I didn't hit the gym. I will be doing that tomorrow. Since it's going to be nice (knock on wood) for a couple days this week, Lincoln and I will hit the pavement and walk a bit. I am still trying to hit 3.1 miles, so I can say I did a 5K. I don't see why I can't hit that this week! I'd love to get the 5K charm for my 10% keychain from WW (that I haven't gotten yet, feh). Yeah, I like getting little dinky shit to keep me interested. I'll keep you posted if that happens this week! Toodles!!

13 May 2011

Why did I even bother?

Since Blogger is back up and running, a Friday post!

I went to WW this morning with Lincoln to do a mid week weight check... How the hell did I gain 1.8? I mean seriously?! I have worked out 3 times this week already, my shoulder is so sore, I can hardly lift Lincoln to the changing table. Ouchie. So, I must have had too much sodium, since the calories have been right on target. Right? That would make sense right? I don't know why I went, maybe to see if all the work I had done during the week had paid off. But I guess not yet. I know I still have 4 days (essentially) to loose at least 1.8. I know I can do it. But this weekend is jammed packed!

Tomorrow, I am going to a Zumba fundraiser for Kidtalk, Chandler & Lincoln's speech therapy clinic. It's 2 hours, and I am planning on doing at least 1 hour of it. I am looking forward to it. Afterwards we are hitting Chandler's school carnival. I am sure that will be a hit.

Sunday...I cannot wait for Sunday! Rob will have a day off and we'll be able to have dinner as a family. I miss it. I know the boys miss seeing Daddy. Lincoln hasn't seen him since Tuesday afternoon. :(  I have plenty of things that we can do, but it looks like it's going to rain, again. Boo. But at least we can have some family time together!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

09 May 2011

What's the worst?

After last week's long list of emotions and changes I was prepped for a gain... How much was the big question. Sure enough at the weigh in this morning I was up .2. On Friday I was up 1.4, so I was fine with the .2! So I am 6 pounds away from my 10% goal.

I already hit the gym this afternoon, getting back to the weights and cardio. Tomorrow, I'll do the same. Now the challenge comes in! Rob starts working in the Fab on Wednesday. Do I take Lincoln with me to the gym and go for an hour or do I wait and go at night (around 9)? Hell, I suppose I could just figure out some sort of cardio and do the weights at the house since I have a bench and a set of dumbbells. Hmmm.

I just see myself using that as an excuse!!! I don't want to do that. I need to prep my body for my 2 hour Zumba class/benefit on Sunday! So I have to hit the gym. I am excited though that my sister will be coming to the benefit for Chandler & Lincoln's speech clinic (Kidtalk).

I am also realizing that Rob will be home for Sunday night and every other Wednesday night for dinner. That's a bit of a bummer, and it also kills my being able to blame him for not knowing what to do for dinner! Doh! So tonight I sat down with Chandler and we came up with a 2 week dinner plan, or I should say 12 days worth since Rob will get the nights he's home! LOL.

The other thing I need to come clean on is that I haven't been tracking! I jumped back online today and started tracking again. I know that is 50% of this thing, knowing what goes in the mouth!

So this week: TRACK TRACK TRACK and hit the gym!

06 May 2011


I feel like I should start off by first saying I am very blessed! And remember this is Random Thoughts from a Random Mommy... This is one of the random posts. :)
It's been one of those weeks where life is changing, and as my Dad used to say: "Everyone hates change!" He was right (and about most things)!

This week, Rob began his new job at Intel. He's going to be working in the D1D Fab at Ronler Acres. It's been an adjustment with him just punching a clock versus going and getting his work done and coming home. But I knew it'd be an adjustment, but I didn't think I'd have as many emotions going along with it all... I think I need to just process the whole thing. And as I type this up, there is a knock (thank you delivery guy!) at the door where I got flowers for Mother's day!

His original shift will be working Wednesday-Friday and every other Saturday from 7:30 PM-8 AM. But I just got word that it won't be that shift for at least 3 months! Gah! I had mentally prepared myself for the nights... I had already figured out babysitting for that schedule on Saturdays where I would be busy with Mom & Michelle having our monthly pedicures. But now I have to figure it out again. Oy Vey! I think my mother in law will be getting a couple phone calls in addition to our Pastor's daughter.

And Rob is still going to school on top of all of it. Monday and Tuesday nights he's at OIT. We still have two more years until he graduates (Class of 2013). And I say we because I feel like I am going to school too! :) Well I might not be going to school, but I am learning small tidbits of engineering stuff.

Once he's done with his Bachelor's degree he's planning on either going off to UO (gasp) for a Masters in Applied Physics or maybe Arizona State for a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, which of course would mean relocation. 

Thankfully this is all hinging on his time at Intel and if he can get accepted into one of these programs. I was a bit nervous about the idea of moving to the Southwest... Come on, anyone who knows me, knows I am a true Oregonian! I hate the heat. I know it's hilarious. Go ahead chuckle. All I know is, IF we were to move, I'd hope to be back in Tigard before Chandler starts High School at Southridge. So we have 9 years to do this... Holy cow, my kid will be in high school in 9 years?! Woah

I guess I needed to process all of this, write down the scary things: Change to our schedule, Change in daily routine, possibility of moving in a couple years, meeting new people when/if we do, how the kids will adjust to moving, and how Rob will do when he does go to graduate school. I know he'll do great! He sure has surprised me, not that he wasn't capable, but he's so determined! It makes me so proud, and it's worth all the emotional roller coasters in the next couple years... 

I told you this was a random post. :) Happy Mother's Day everyone!

02 May 2011

It's a beautiful day!

Cue the U2 song, as I sit outside on the patio, watching the boys play, while I wear my sunglasses! Ah, spring has finally shown up here in Portland! Whew, and not a moment too soon!!!! This week's weigh was a good one, still a bit surprising, but not really. I was down 3.4 this week. I was pretty impressed with myself for having 2 big weeks in a row (see progress page to the right for week recaps). But I will never complain about a loss! I have learned that lesson.

I wasn't nearly as good this week tracking or even making it to the gym, but did up my water intake, and I believe that's been a new key to this loosing thing! Gotta flush it out! :)

Today I went shopping with mom, Michelle, and the boys for new clothes. I was so proud to say, I am now a 22! I have new pants, shorts and skirt, in addition to some tops. Pics to come as I wear them. I do have one outfit that is begging for a trip to the Keller for Riverdance in a few weeks. But it might show up for the Singing Christmas Tree Auction next week. I feel very blessed. And even more committed to this journey. Thanks for the support!