07 June 2012

2 years ago!

Two years ago today Chandler had his Tethered Cord surgery at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland. I reflected on his surgery last year, and figured I'd do it again, but this time focusing on his actual growth. You can read last year's here: 1 year later reflections, pt 1 1 year later reflections, pt 2

Since I wrote those two posts, he's blossomed into a kid that is willing to push himself and test his body. He's finishing first grade, is reading with very little help, and getting ready to test for his 2nd degree blue belt in Taekwondo next week. He's a boy who has overcome adversity and did it with a great attitude and smile. I am so proud of this kid!!! You can see below the development of his gross motor skills. From where he could kick 10-12 inches off the ground to where he is now kicking at 4 FEET off the ground/head level!
Chandler's first belt testing at Taekwondo, July 2010.
His first belt test out of Tiny Tigers. August 2011
Chandler doing his Poomsae at belt testing, April 2012. 
Chandler doing his Ax kick drill at his head level!
This is where he is now, from that first picture above!
After that last photo, Chandler and I both passed and started the Blue Belt class, AKA intermediate level! To see where he's been to where he is at, I am so thankful for all that this sport has given him: confidence, strength (both mental and physical), self-esteem, passion, commitment to something, a passion for becoming something, and a love of a sport that is all him! I love that he asks me if we are doing things right or if he needs to work on something.
Blue belts, April 2012

This morning he asked me if he was doing his jump roundhouse correctly, because that is the kick he's breaking his board with next week! I can hardly wrap my head around that he can have the coordination to do it! 2 years ago, he could barely walk up stairs without grasping the rail and really working at it. I love that this is something we do together, but not as a team, but individuals. I love that he knows how to succeed in something that will make him a better boy/man. When he finally earns that black belt, I know when it is tied on him and I will have a tear in my eye, knowing where this brave, kind, gentle soul started out when he was 5 years old.

For all those who supported Chandler (and our family) thank you for your love and support! And to Master Jim Null, you have been the best trainer/coach for him without a doubt! Thank you!!!  Without you he wouldn't be where he is today!