29 December 2008

Christmas #2 PICS!

A few Christmas photos:
Mom (M'pa) watching Chandler open his new kid tough camera! He loves it!!!! Eats batteries though.

Chandler being silly in his presents, trying so hard to be patient! He did really well!

Michelle (my sister) and her boyfriend, Butter (AKA: Deltric) on Christmas Eve.

Rob and Lincoln on Christmas morning

Hope you enjoy!

Some snow pictures

Here are some snow pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday Dec 14, 8 am or so---just beginning!

Sunday Dec 14, 11 am

Saturday Dec 20, 11 am at least 5 inches of snow!

Monday Dec 22, 4 PM 16-18 inches of snow! Chandler didn't mind it, but wasn't the biggest fan.

Monday Dec 22, 12 PM 16-18 inches of snow, this is the most snow I have seen in the Valley, EVER!

28 December 2008

Christmas #1

OK, so I flaked on the pictures... My bad! If it's possible to believe me, I just haven't had the time to upload all the pics from the last week or so. Between the snow storm, Christmas, and shopping, it's been tough to get some time to do it... But again, here I sit on my blog typing when I could be uploading. Ah, priorities.

I did hear that we have 6' of snow up at the cabin (just SW of Mt. St. Helen's). They are saying that we cannot go up there because it's too snowed in. I hope that means there will be water in the lake this coming summer!!! I would love to take Chandler on the boat. Go figure I am talking about summer & it's not even 2009! LOL!

Anyway, We had a nice Christmas. Both boys were spoiled! Surprise. Chandler was blessed with lots of plastic-AKA: Batman gear. He also got his own digital camera and dvd player from my mom. My MIL got him a ton of clothes which were very much needed! And socks! WOO! Lincoln got diaper covers (yay) and clothes, lots of clothes. He got a couple toys but let's face it at 6 mo, he needs clothes more than toys.

Rob and I bought a video camera for ourselves. It was a splurge but a nice thing for the boys. We also were given a deep fryer, which Rob tested out today making onion rings and frys for his poker gang.

I truly feel blessed with what we have been given this year (not in physical gifts, but in all aspects of life). We have completed our family, with the addition of Lincoln, which is the best gift of all. I pray that 2009 is as blessed as 2008, with the exception of additonal children (TEE HEE)!

Now we prepare for the OSU bowl game on Wednesday! We play in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Tx at 5 PM (I think). Go Beavers!!!

22 December 2008


I don't think it's snowed enough in the last 8 days, seriously! I love it! I love all aspects of it, especially how quiet and still it is outside when it's snowing. We haven't been stuck at home for the whole time since I know how to drive in it, and I have a truck that lets me get from point A to point B without problems. I have been seeing my friends at Dutch Bros. With out a problem, just to continue with my DB addiction! LOL!

Chandler hasn't really played in it, but he keeps asking to play in the snow. Lincoln is oblivious, but screamed when it was cold and has snowflakes on his face. Ha. I have some pictures, but nothing as beautiful as it is this morning. So I am going to add more later today.

We are going to trek to the mall (2 miles away) to finish Christmas shopping, since Rob has waited until there is a foot of snow and it's 2 days before Christmas. Feh. So we'll be out and about again, doing our thing today.

Pictures to come soon!

12 December 2008

UPDATE:Ipods... A love/hate relationship: How to upgrade your iPod hard drive!

12/28/08 Update:
So the fix didn't work for my Ipod... I think it's actually a motherboard issue. Oh well... No biggie, I was given a new Ipod Touch 16GB for Christmas (Thanks Mom!!!). Now the old ones are being tossed! Woo! This new Ipod is amazing! It even has Wi-Fi! Unbelieveable! :) I am in love... I wish I could have an Iphone now. Drool!

So I have had an Ipod for some years now, I belive I started with a 3G and now have a 5G U2 edition. Love them...But also hate them at the same time! My 3G is still sitting in my drawer w/ a broken hard drive. After replacing it with my 5G, I couldn't get rid of it, for some stupid reason... Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. My newer one decided to do the SAME thing. Broken hard drive. Well we don't have the cash to replace it, so I did some fancy googling and learned how to replace the hard drive. WOO!

So I cracked open my Ipod and pulled out the hard drive and figured out what model HD I'd need. Off to eBay to buy one, because you can't get them in stores. I actually thought Fry's might have them and when I called, the person said I couldn't replace the HD but he'd love to sell me a new one! Right, I'll be right there (insert sarcasam here). So I bought the new HD and waited... and waited...and waited.

It came yesterday and I put it in, following the instructions I read on a blog (link below). And then I got it to work, well at least the apple logo and sad faced Ipod came on. But I was having trouble getting it to go into disk mode. Well today I sat down and pulled the HD back out and dinked (techinical term) with it.

And it worked! YAY! I was so excited! It's still acting funny, makes me think the motherboard is not happy, but it's playing my Christmas music and frankly I just need that and my Beethoven at night. So if I can play that I'll be happy. But when I opened iTunes, I realized I have 3200 files on my iPod! Wow.

So anyway, here's the link to how to replace your hard drive on your iPod, including model numbers for all generations of iPods!

29 November 2008

Singing Christmas Tree!

Singing...It's a lot of fun, and hard work all rolled into one awesome 2.5 hour performance! Yes. Singing! We are offically open at the Keller Auditorium in Portland. We have fantastic guest performers this year, it's unbelieveable!

Rob went to the opening show yesterday and took video of 2 songs. Here are the 2 songs in 1 video (my test at video editing-very basic). The first song is I heard the Bells on Christmas Day w/ Dona Nobis, featuring the adult and youth choirs and Timothy Greenidge. The second song is I Heard Three Ships featuring the Adult Choir and the Bells of the Cascades (a bell choir).

If you have never been to see the show, you have to come. The Singing Christmas Tree has been singing to Portland for 46 years!

We have 6 more shows left! Come see us!!! Tickets are going fast, and even a couple shows are sold out! For more info check out: http://www.singingchristmastree.org/

22 November 2008

Lincoln laughs

Tonight we were watching the OSU vs AZ game on tv and while I was very very nervous at the end...Lincoln was laughing at me... Silly kid. I was yelling at the tv and he thought it was the silliest thing out there. So I grabbed my new Flip video camera (Thank you Angi's List) and got him laughing again. :) It was so cute, I had to share.


Picture time!

We decided to go get pictures taken of the family last week... Well we had all planned on being in them but Chandler decided to be uncooperative. So we went ahead with just doing Lincoln's first Christmas picture, with the hopes of getting a family shot in the future. We went to Portrait Innovations in Hillsboro, it was awesome! Lincoln was super smiley and happy showing off his gummy smile. For more pictures check here! Lincoln's photo album

13 November 2008

Lincoln is 4 months!!!

I can't believe how time is flying!!!!

His offical Stats:
Length 25.75" (75%)
Weight 16# 1 oz (90%)
Head 40 cm (10% I think)

Here's the offical 4 mo. shots... So sweet!

Tasting some yummy oatmeal!
He loves it, so he smiles while eating, thus ejecting some. LOL!
How can you or anyone say NO to this adorable face!!!!

More pics to come later!!!

Wisdom Teeth...

These suckers were supposed to come out 5 years ago... But now I have finally done it! This morning all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth were taken out. I had IV sedation and am taking some nice pain pills. I don't remember anything of the surgery except waking up to Paul Simon on my Ipod and going to sleep with Garth Brooks. :) Very nice!

My jaw is sore and I can only open it up 1/2" or so but I am hanging in there. I am praying that I don't have a dry socket. But so far so good.

13 October 2008

Halloween crafts!

I am getting ready to decorate for halloween and I am so excited! I wanted to add some new stuff to the decor, so I am looking at sites... So I am going to post some here (mainly for my own referance, but for yours too):

Witch's Curtain

Black lawn and leaf bag

Lay a heavy-duty black garbage bag flat on a work surface, open end toward you. With scissors, cut 1 1/2-inch vertical strips from the bottom, stopping a few inches from the top. Cut open one side seam, then unfold bag. Use masking tape or tacks to hang. Then, with hands a few inches apart, grasp each strand and pull; stretch strands in several places for a decrepit effect.
First Published: Special Issue 2004--Martha Stewart

Cheesecloth Ghosts

1 package of cheesecloth
Fabric Stiffener
Plastic bag or bowl
Plastic Soda/Water Bottle
3” Styrofoam Ball
2 pieces of 20 gauge floral wire
Masking Tape or Mounting Tape
Plastic Wrap
2 –20 mm (wiggle eyes) Moving Eyes
Optional: Plastic spiders, bugs etc.


  1. Tape the Styrofoam ball to the top of the bottle cap. Or form a ball from scratch paper and tape to the bottle cap.

  2. Wrap one end of the floral wire around the neck of the bottle. Bend in the other end and shape wire as desired for arms. Repeat with the other wire on the other side for the other arm. This is your ghost frame.

  3. Drape the ghost frame figure in plastic wrap.

  4. Cut cheesecloth into strips double the height of your ghost frame and about 1½” x 2” wide.

  5. There are two methods to covering the cheesecloth strips with fabric stiffener. You can pour fabric stiffener in a bowl and dip strips in the liquid. Or a less messy way is to place fabric stiffener and cheesecloth strips into a plastic bag. You can work the stiffener into the cheesecloth from outside of the bag.

  6. When cheesecloth is completely covered with fabric stiffener, place strips over the plastic covered ghost frame. Place your strips at different angles to add more detailed interest to your ghost. Continue adding strips until the ghost frame is completely covered.

  7. Set aside to dry.

  8. When the ghost is completely dry, remove from the plastic covered frame. Cheesecloth should be stiff and be able to stand alone.

  9. Glue on the two moving eyes. For added detail, glue on small spiders and bugs onto the ghost. Display on a table top with spider webs or attach a hanger and hang from the ceiling.


More Links to fun stuff!!
20 Halloween Crafts
K-3 Crafts
Preschool Crafts
More Preschool Crafts

27 September 2008

Go Beavers!!!

Holy Cow! What a game!
I am still shocked 2 days later! We got there 5 minutes into the game and Rob swore by the time we got to the seats that USC would have the ball on the 20 yard line and be ready to score! HA! He was so wrong!!
It was a game I will never forget! Seeing Quizz Rodgers just blow through the USC defense, running for over 180 years. It is just unreal. I wish my Dad were here to see it, he would be reliving his college days. Talking about the "Mud Bowl" when the Giant Killers showed OJ Simpson's Trojans who can be the #1 team! How he drank for 3 days and couldn't walk straight to class. :) But I hear his story in my head and heart and know that I will have another story to tell my boys... About how the 26 point underdogs had the heart to beat the #1 team in the country, and do it well. How the crowd of 8,000 students stormed the field with 2:30 left in the game; reminding me of the 1998 Civil War.
I will never forget this amazing Oregon State victory. And I will annoy my children about it like my dad "annoyed" me.

19 September 2008

Chandler's Letter word book!

Thanks to Allie's blog, http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/ we spent an hour shooting pictures around the house last sunday while Rob played poker. Then I broke out the printer and printed out the shots. I gathered an extra binder, sheet protecters and cut some scrapbook paper into 8x11 sheets. I got the letters at Target's dollar spot.
It was so fun. I am missing some pictures of some letters (ah, I just figured out X-xylophone!) but I will get it done this weekend. :)
Here are some pictures of the book!

Chandler took the book to bed with him tonight! It was so cute! We are working on getting his speech more understandable so these are words he can say, but need work (most of them at least).

13 September 2008

A trip to Corvallis!

We took the sojourn to Corvallis this morning to see the first home football game! We saw half the game and listened to the rest in the car. We had a great time! Chandler loved playing with the binoculars that my Dad had in the orange bag that came with us to all games. Lincoln slept for the first part, then drank a bottle. I carried him in the sling, which was a life saver! The Beavers won the game pretty easily and tomorrow morning I will have no problem flying the OSU flag on the suburban. :)
Here are some pictures!

The Beavers taking the field!

Rob & Lincoln
Lincoln & I

Lincoln in the sling

Chandler & his binoculars

10 September 2008

First day of school!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008-Chandler's first day of Preschool at St. Andrew. Written in the baby book and pictures taken. First art project done, first circle time, first snack time prayer, first song... all these firsts. It's crazy, I guess I am so used to "no more firsts" with him, since he's three, but wow, what a week.

He went to school at 1 pm, and had time to play in the class room (legos, animals, arts & crafts), then he did a hand print art project (he wouldn't paint his hands so we traced). Then he sat on the red square for circle time where they sang a song and read a story. Then we (the parents-who were there for orientation) left to meet with the head teacher and the director of the school. The kids (all 5, such a small class) ate snack (after saying grace) and then played more. We left at 2:40 or so. He had a great time! He didn't want to leave! He picked a Literacy bag-which is a book, prop and an activity, to take home. He chose Two Cool Cows to read. I think because he can say the title. :)

He can't wait to back next week (he only had 1 day this week). We will be doing a bunch of fun things in school-Thanksgiving dinner, Jesus' Birthday Party, Pajama Party, Mom & Me Tea, Field Trips to the community pumpkin patch (on school property) and to the Beaverton Library.
Today we celebrated Mom & Michelle's birthdays at Outback. It was a nice dinner but more fun seeing everyone together.
Auntie opening her rockstar poster of Lincoln's birth announcement.

Lastly, a shot of Mom and the boys at a party this last weekend.

08 September 2008

Last night before school

Well, tonight is the night before...school! Chandler's so excited to go, it's silly. He's walking around with his back pack on saying "go?" I feel bad that I have to say we are waiting until tomorrow, since he's so excited. The only thing that's making me sad is that he's got a runny nose (so does Lincoln, see below). And I am thinking it's just a runny nose nothing more, since he's totally normal. He's just not eating as much as normal. But we will go anyway, since there isn't a fever. He has speech therapy (ST) in the morning and then a short day of pre-school. I will post pics tomorrow!

Now, Lincoln has his first cold. Poor boy. He's so stuffy. Mom suggested I take him to get his ears checked, so I did (he's gained 10 oz in a week!). His ears are fine. Dr. Miller said it will last a week or so (5 more days). Good thing with Lincoln is that he's sleeping!! He did his first "sleep through the night" Saturday night. Now I, personally, say that's 8 hours w/o waking, some will say 5-6. Nope, I want 8 hours. :) So he did 8.5 hrs Saturday night and then 9 hrs Sunday night!!! WOOT! But I suppose if he's sick, that would be the reason. We'll see, he went down at 8:30 tonight again.

Anyway I will have shots of the boys tomorrow!

02 September 2008

New Ink

My newest addition to the ink I have already! I got Lincoln's name inked onto my left wrist. It matches Chandler's tattoo (except his is blue). I had it done by Lew at Atlas Tattoo in North Portland. He was awesome. He had a 1 month old at home and so we had plenty to chat about! I felt like I was getting the pidly little tat done since there were 4 other people getting massive tats.

Lincoln turned 2 months last friday and today was his 2 month check up with Dr. Miller. He's 13 lb and 23 inches long. He's perfect (his words not mine, but I do agree). He said to keep on doing what we are doing and we'll talk solids at the next appointment... Huh?! Soild food already, no way! This is my little baby, he's not getting that big; so big he's into 3-6 mo clothes, that he's taking 6-8 oz bottles, or sleeping 7 hrs at night. Yes, I am getting nostolgic, but you mommies know when it's your last you have to savor all of the baby stuff.

Which brings to the news that we are officially done, permantely, if you catch my drift. ;) I am happy it's all taken care of. I really love the boys but I am so happy we have just the 2 and we can go 2 on 2. We were blessed with very sweet boys (granted Chandler is still adjusting to Lincoln's arrival). I am very thankful that I have an understanding hubby that will do things that are not comfortable, especially when the novacaine doesn't work.
Chandler starts preschool this week, back at the school district. Then he's at St. Andrew Preschool next week. I can't believe he's going back. I am glad though, I think he'll start to get back to the sweet boy that he was prior to Linc's arrival. But we will see. His class at Church has only 3 kids to 2 teachers, so it will be great for him.

I will post when he's back into school and we have first day of school pics.

17 August 2008

Life with 2

I am sitting here feeding Lincoln. He's the newest addition to the Brown family. He joined us on June 29, 08 at 6:51 pm. He was 8 pounds and 21 inches long. He's a great baby! He is sleeping well at night, up every 4 hours or so. He loves music, motion, and eating! He is 7 weeks old today!

Chandler is adjusting well to being a big bro. He regressed a bit in potty training, but that's better. He is in pre school 2 days a week, which helps him with his speech and gross motor delays. He loves it. He returns in a couple weeks; I can't wait. He's been acting out more, which is stressful!

I have begun working out, which is so nice. I have a Christmas goal of loosing 47 pounds. As of today, I am 39 pounds away! Woot!! I am eating 1500 calories a day, Lifting 3 days a week and doing cardio 5 days a week. I have a Bodybugg and am working out at 24 hour fitness. My long term goal (Linc's 1st b-day) is 100 lb.
Now Linc wakes up and is ready for his next bottle! And Chandler has to go potty. Ah, the greatest joys of my life!!!