28 November 2011

Thanksgiving success

This week we had a beautiful Thanksgiving meal with Rob's family. I made all the dishes that I would eat, and the things I don't eat (stuffing, yams, pumpkin pie, etc) I didn't make. So everything I made was low in fat, sodium (if possible), and calories. I must say it all turned out delish! I didn't track at all, didn't exercise much (TKD once), and still managed to loose 2.4 to hit 45 lb lost on the nose! I was very excited to see that number. I know my goal was to hit 50 by next week, and I know that's most likely not going to happen, but I will be close! :) That makes me happy.

This week will be busy, and I suspect I'll be able to be good. I will be down at the Keller Auditorum for the Singing Christmas Tree. Starting tonight and through Sunday, I will be singing and having a blast with my TREE friends! I am amazed by how many people I know (women) are doing Weight Watchers or counting calories. It's just another support group and it really does help to have more friends to check in with. I will be sad next Monday when I won't be able to check in (in person) with Jo-Netta, Pattie, Gwen, Karen or Stacey. But  my motivation is still there in email and facebook.

Next week I'd like to see a drop of 2, and that will be without TKD all week, since it won't fit into the schedule. But I might try and squeeze in a couple gym runs.


25 November 2011


For the last 4-5 years, Mom,Michelle and I hit Lane Bryant's 50% Black Friday Sale. This year, I knew I was going to need to get some clothes after this year's weight loss. When we finally made it to LB this afternoon, I was grabbing jeans to see what size I was. I figured a 20, since I had been in 22s for a while. Nope! I fit into size 18! HOLY SMOKES! Granted they are tight, but with another 5 lb I am sure they will fit like butter. So by the time I get the jeans for Christmas (Thanks Mom!), they should fit! I am so excited!!!


21 November 2011

I love surprises!

This last week, I was OK. I did hit the gym once, which hadn't occurred since the summer. It was a great workout, and I plan on making it back this week a couple times, since the Dojang will be closed Wed-Sun. But I weighed in and was down 1.8 lb! So I was presently surprised, even after Rob (Mr. Insensitive, in this case) brought home two dozen Krispy Kremes yesterday. I have decided that my will power to junk/rich/decadent foods are going to be very hard this holiday season. But I am going in with a plan. If I can try and make it to the gym more than I have been, then I should be OK. Thanksgiving is going to be a good test, but I think leftovers are going to be harder. :) I am looking forward to the challenge, but would really love to see another 1.5-2 lb next week. Time to get ready for Taekwondo (after I pick up Chandler at the bus stop)! Have a great Thanksgiving!!


14 November 2011

Seriously!? Plus Thanksgiving recipe ideas!

This week, I was doing/trying so hard to be good...only to have a bad day yesterday and blow my weigh in. I know it's a journey and not an overnight thing, but hell, you can kill progress overnight. Up 1.6 this week. Grr.

Today we planned out Thanksgiving. So it got me in the mood to look around for some skinny reciepes for the day. I have found plenty. Besides our Shelton's Free Range (no antibiotics/hormone) turkey breast we'll bake. Here are some things that caught my eye. Of course, you all know how much I love Skinny Taste, so all but one are from her site. Thanks Gina!
Cranberry-Pineapple Sauce
Skinny Apple Cobbler
Skinny Scalloped Potato Gratin
Baked Turkey Croquettes (for leftovers)
Low Fat Green Bean Casserole

So I have a good idea of the plan-so I can just have my meal (since that's all it is) and not worry. Granted it's obviously WAY easier said than done. But I am still trying to have a miracle and hit that blasted 50 by December 1. Today's weigh in didn't help one bit, well it gave me the needed boost to plan my schedule with the gym and Taekwondo in mind. They are appointments-period. I need to make it a priority. I think if I were to do 3 days in the gym  (30-45 minutes of cardio), I could pull off a nice loss next week. I'd love to see 3-4 lb. Until next time,

09 November 2011

Weigh in & measurement progress

This week I weighed in, down 2.6; total of 42.4 lb! Sweetness! I am now officially 7.6 away from my December 1 goal of 50 lb! So I am trying *not* to focus on the numbers... but it's SO hard! I decided to do my measurements, since it had been a few months since I did them. That was a surprise! I have lost 42.5 inches! That's 3 and a 1/2 feet!!!! HOLY COW! So I took a snip it from the WW etools. I thought the graph was pretty cool to see...going down! You can see my August "vacation", but still, very happy to see. Now, to get to the purple line (50#).

I realize this might seem a bit "toot your own horn" but hell, it's my blog & journey! And I am very proud of sticking with this for 11 months! I have never ever stuck with a diet this long, and I think it's because I am looking at it as a lifestyle and not a diet. I am having my cake and ice cream at parties and I don't feel bad! If only I could remember to track more often. I know this is a key to success, so I don't know why I sabotage myself by not tracking... and I suppose I should add more exercise to that as well. But that's ok.

I am still kicking it (literally) at Taekwondo, and I am even more proud on the balance ball! When I began in July, I could barely balance on that damn thing (on all 4's). Now I can hang out on all 4's for a good 1-1.5 minutes! I am even starting to try and get up on my knees only (a requirement for Black Belt testing in 2 years). I managed 5 seconds on Monday! Proof my core is getting stronger! Oh, and even cooler-I did a jump roundhouse kick on Monday! Holy smokes, jumping and kicking! I never thought I'd be able to do that! So I am very proud of where I have come. And I can't wait to see where I am in 6 months!

I did make the Lentil Soup in the slow cooker yesterday that was a recipe from the Weight Watcher Weekly. It was delish! Recipe here Give it a try! Very filling and satisfying! Until Monday (or so), Have a great week!!!

03 November 2011

Weigh in & Halloween

Last week, I had a good plan, tracking and being good. I was! I weighed in on Monday and was down 1.6 (back to 40.0 total loss). I was a tad worried since Mom and I went to the beach for the weekend. I had a plan for that too. Clam Chowder once, be healthy the rest of the time. Well I failed on that front, but succeeded on another. I had clam chowder at Mo's and then at another cafe in Garibaldi, plus a hamburger & homemade fries. BUT when I am in Cannon Beach for Retreat (Singing Christmas Tree) I normally hit the CB bakery for my morning latte and 1-2 amazing maple bars. Yep, skipped the maple bars-both mornings! NSV (Non-scale victory)! But the real victory is that I was not at a house where I could grab various junk or snack foods! So I think that helped in the loss for the week. So really it came down to the fact that I was recording a CD all day Saturday, so I wasn't just lounging eating without thinking. :)

I had a plan for Halloween-no treats in the house to give out! I had McDonald's coupons that I handed out to the 5 (!) kids that came to the door. Now I knew the kids would bring candy home, but I didn't think it would be so much. I suppose I should have known when we went to downtown Tigard's Trick-or-Treat party AND around the neighborhood, that we'd have a plethora of junk... First a picture of my cuties in their gear.
Chandler as Thor and Lincoln as a race car driver.
After going to my weigh in Monday morning, we were reminded that we can bring candy in to send to the troops. SOLD! So yesterday, after having way to may encounters with their loot, I bagged up a bunch to take back to WW on Friday leaving the kids with just a bit of chocolate (their fave) to enjoy. Let's just hope my lack of will doesn't kill me on the scale on Monday! I have 10 lb to loose in 1 month-a very steep goal. So let's hope for a good Monday weigh in. Until then, have a great week!