30 April 2012

I looked back in my WW weigh in logs and have noticed I've been stuck between 53 and 57 pounds lost since February 13th. I think we can say this is a stupid, dumb, inconvenient, stubborn plateau! I am in the midst of massive diet fatigue, caused by this stupid plateau.

Mentally, I think I've been on "vacation" since the Shamrock run. I was so mad that I didn't loose anything after doing the 5k, and I checked out. But I know I cannot afford to do that. I know I haven't been meal planning as much either. However, last week was my 34th birthday. I took the week off, didn't track, didn't care. I ate what I wanted, and how much I wanted. I did make good choices, besides the amazing hamburger that Rob made on my b-day, and the amazing steak I had last night when we celebrated with my family & Uncle Vino. But I had no idea this morning when I stepped on the scale, and was down 1.6!

I think seeing myself hit 57.0 helped make me realize I am 3 lb away from 60. I am mentally ready to hit that number, and it really is just a number. I remember thinking about this when I was trying to hit 10%, way back when. Even with this plateau, I have lost 4.5 inches! So Even when I am not loosing weight, I am loosing fat! So there is the silver lining! Another one is that I am now a blue belt in Taekwondo, check the tab above for some photos.
Until next week (I hope)!