11 June 2009

How to make a scoreboard headboard!

By request, here are step by step instructions on how we made Chandler Field! Total size is 55" wide by 48" tall by 1.5" deep. Perfect for a full size bed. Post pictures when you are done, and if you have questions, just ask! I'd be happy to help!


3/4" plywood cut to 48" X 24" (24" is min. but I think I'd do 30" next time)
2-4' long pieces of 1x4
2-4' long pieces of 1x6
10 1" wood screws
Additional wood screws for attaching to wall
Chalkboard paint (or plain black paint if you don't want to be able to draw on it)
Green paint (we used the color of his room, so it was just the extra)
White acrylic paint (from Michael's) the craft kind
1" foam paint brushes for the acrylic paint (get a few, you never know when they break)
3" letters for the "home, away, qtr" They are vinyl meant for boat registrations, find at sporting goods stores.
6" Wood letters to name the Field, find at Michael's or Joanne's.
Wood glue for letters

Drill & bits for screws
Sand paper
Blue painters tape in 1"
Paint supplies
Heavy weight, grips, blocks to hold letters in position while gluing.

How To:

Take one each of the 1x4 and 1x6 and stack them with the one side flush to each other, with the 1x6 is on the bottom. Screw them together using 3 screws places evenly along the 4' length (see green circles). Repeat for other post.

Sand and wipe off dust of all wood. You only need to sand the parts you will be painting.

Paint the black first, so it can be dried first. Paint at least 2 coats, so it's nice and black.

Paint the green posts, you will paint the 1x4 and 1x6 the tops & sides, look at picture for a guide of how it will be assembled so you don't have to waste paint (blue numbers).
Let dry, probably overnight. Make sure black is really dry before taping off!

For the lines:

Measure up from the bottom of the board 16" and mark the line.Then measure from the top down 7.5" and mark the line. Do this across the board. Take 2 pieces of 1" painters tape and follow the lines across the top (this makes the top line under the name)

Now measure from the left 15" below where the line will be and mark it. Then mark 16" from the left. Place the right side of the 1" tape on the 15" mark, then place the left side of the tape on the 16" mark. Making a 1" black stripe to be painted. See photo for reference measurements in red. Repeat for the right side.

Using white paint, paint the taped off areas with a foam brush. You will do a few coats, but it doesn't take long for the paint to dry. While waiting, place letters on newspaper and paint the letters, again will need 2 coats. Let dry.

Once all the white is dry, you can apply the 3" boat letters. Place them as you want, I just made a line with 1" paint tape and placed them all on the same line. Easy.

Now take the white letters and figure out your spacing for the name of the field. Glue them on with the wood glue. Place books, heavy objects on them so they don't move. Let dry.


Using the 4 remaining wood screws, attach the board to the posts, see picture for guide.
Attach to wall using appropriate anchors, or you can attach to a Hollywood style bed frame.