19 December 2012

Disney World Trip Day 2

Here is our first real day at WDW.
The boys in the hotel lobby

 Sunday December 9th (Day 2): Epcot        
            Our morning started around 8:30, which wasn’t too bad considering our 3 hour time change. We got up, dressed and headed to the food court and grabbed a few cinnamon rolls and some drinks in our refillable mugs. Once we were good to go, we hopped on a bus to Epcot (EP)! We didn’t wait long and got on easily. 
Christmas time at Epcot
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Disney World Trip Day 1

Here's the first installment of our trip report to Disney World. I was smart enough to begin writing while I was there, so I am able to copy and past these posts from my word doc.
Without further ado, day 1: Arrival!

 Saturday Dec 8th  (Day 1): Arrival/Downtown Disney
This morning we got the boys up at 4:30 AM to head to Denver/Orlando. They got up and were willing to go, but Lincoln wasn’t too thrilled that he couldn’t play with the tablets (something that would be repeated all day-“can I play with the tablet?”) We got to the airport, parked the car so Michelle and Butter could pick it up. Going through security took maybe 20 minutes, which wasn’t too bad. Everyone did fine the first time through, and no chance for any TSA feel ups.
Lincoln reading the aircraft emergency info book
In flight TV, a great invention, along with tablets!

The plane ride from Portland to Denver was fine, a little bumpy coming into Denver, but a nice ride. I really liked Frontier Airlines, the flight attendants were amazing and on this leg one gave the boys free Direct TV on the seat backs.
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05 December 2012

How we are surprising the kids for Disney World

As most of my friends know, we're heading to Disney World! But we are surprising them, so how do you surprise your kids on the biggest trip they will have ever taken!? After researching message boards (thank Dis Boards), Pinterest, other blogs, I decided to mash something up. Thanks is what I came up with:

I made the drawstring backpacks using a pattern found HERE. I used cording/drawstring instead of fabric, but I am happy with how they turned out. I used a light twill for the exterior so they are more sturdy. Inside each backpack they are lined with specific fabric for each kiddo.I did have to re-do the strings since they were too short last time. So from grey to black.
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