19 December 2012

Disney World Trip Day 2

Here is our first real day at WDW.
The boys in the hotel lobby

 Sunday December 9th (Day 2): Epcot        
            Our morning started around 8:30, which wasn’t too bad considering our 3 hour time change. We got up, dressed and headed to the food court and grabbed a few cinnamon rolls and some drinks in our refillable mugs. Once we were good to go, we hopped on a bus to Epcot (EP)! We didn’t wait long and got on easily. 
Christmas time at Epcot
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            Once at Epcot we walked into the park and started with the pictures! I had the Photopass photographers take shots with my camera as well so I have plenty of various shots. Our first ride of our trip was Spaceship Earth, that big 18 story sphere that is the symbol of Epcot. It was a dark ride, but slow going. The kids did good. We then made our way into World Showcase, but not before stopping and getting our F.O.N.E, becoming Agent C. We all took unpaid internships under Major Monogram and helped defeat Dr. Doofenshmertiz. It was a great way to engage the kids in the various countries of World Showcase. We went through Canada, knowing we’d be back for our lunch reservations at Le Cellier. On to the UK, where we worked at finding Inators. But on the way, we ran into Mary Poppins! The kids posed with her and got her autograph. After finishing the Mission, and finding Agent P (in a light, no less), we headed back to Canada for lunch at Le Cellier. 

            This place was in one word: Fantastic! The food was unique and delightful. We had some amazing bread, including fresh pretzel sticks, Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup (which was great to dip in with the pretzels), Rob had the NY Strip steak with cream cheese mashed potatoes & I had the Pork Chop with bacon cheddar mac & cheese. I loved the pork, and the cream cheese mashed potatoes, Rob loved my mac & cheese and his steak (go figure). The kids had chicken breast (Chandler), and pasta with a turkey bolganeese (Lincoln). The kids were kids, not appreciating the yumminess that was in front of them. But Lincoln’s was very good! The desserts were amazing as well! Linc had a sundae, Chandler had the Moose (in the shape of a moose), Rob had the Chocolate Pecan moose, and I had the Poached apples. All were delish! 
Here are the food pics... yes, I couldn't help it!
My Pork cop with Mac & Cheese
Rob's NY Strip with mashed potatoes
Lincoln's Turkey Bolganeese
Chandler's Chicken breast

Chandler's Chocolate Moose (lol)
Rob's Chocolate Pecan Pie in a cup
My Poached Apples and puff pastry with vanilla bean whipped cream

Tigger and Pooh
The Queen of Hearts
            After lunch we made our way towards France, but we fan into the Queen of Hearts! The boys bowed to her and they got to keep their heads! Then we  went through France,  and on to Morocco. Outside we got to meet Princess Jasmine and Aladdin!! They were great characters! Once the kids had their autographs and photos, we headed toward America for the Candlelight Processional, starring James Denton. 
On our way to France. We are supposed to look silly.
             Rob and Chandler hung in line, while Lincoln and I wondered around America, checking out the showcase. Once we came back to the line we were allowed into the theater. Since we did the lunch package at Le Cellier, we had great seats!!! Once it began, the choirs (in green for the center-a tree, and  yellow for the sides) filed in from the rear of the theater. After singing a couple songs, James Denton (Desperate Housewives) came out and began narrating the Christmas Story. After a couple versus, the choir and orchestra (50 piece) would do a song. This went back and forth until it was completed. He then went into the EXACT reading Michael W. Smith did at the Tree shows, about Jesus’ life and then death. It was so moving, especially Away in the Manger when I had Lincoln on my lap. They ended with a great song: Hallelujah Chorus. With tears in my eyes, I was in Heaven. It was a beautiful show, one I will not ever forget. There were three things I wanted to see while I was here, and that was the first of the three! 
Candle Light Processional Photos:
James Denton
Amazing Choir and orchestra
Hallelujah Chorus

After the show, we nabbed a Friendship Ferry to Future World, and we then did a round trip ride of the Monorail. 
Epcot's Christmas Tree and Spaceship Earth on the way out of the park.
            We concluded the day riding the bus back to our hotel, where we wound down and crashed around 9 at night. 
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  1. ya.. I love it.. haven't eaten at Le Celliar, its a 2 pt place, right? Maybe next time.. Love your pics!

  2. Angie, it's becoming a 2pt place. But we did lunch and it was great. It's a very heavy meal, so I found doing lunch was perfect! But I found this link http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2012/07/12/news-2013-disney-dining-plan-pricing-and-updates/ That says it's going to be 2pts for lunch. We did a 2 pt lunch but it included the Candlelight Processional reserve seating. :) Worked for us. Give it a shot when you go next!!! It was to die for!