19 January 2009


Life has been a bit crazy. I have been planning our family's trip to Southern California (Disneyland and Seaworld) in March. It's been fun researching. I have been countless times, but it's neat to see what it's going to look like though a 4 yr old's eyes. :)

We are going to celebrate Chandler's 4th b-day down there. Since Rob's extended family lives in the area, we are going to do a mini party at the hotel. It will be a couple weeks early, but we know Chandler will love it. Plus most of them haven't even met Lincoln yet!! So it's a win win on all accounts.

We are going to stay at the Disney's Grand Californian, thanks to my mom's generousity. We are going to stay at Rob's Aunt & Uncle's beach house the first night then hit Sea world the next morning. Then we will drive up to Anaheim to check into the DGC. Rob is going to go see the Anaheim Ducks play against the Vancouver Canucks, which will be his highlight, no doubt!

For me, I can't wait to walk into Disneyland and see the Mickey face done up in flowers! I need to get a picture of Rob and I in front of it, since it's been 5 years since our honeymoon where the picture below was taken.
Honeymoon @ Disneyland

So that's been the big deal for the time being. I have plenty on my to do list to blog about, but this was the first. Next up...diapers. :)

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