07 February 2009

My creations...

I have been crocheting like a mad woman. :) It's fun and relaxing, hence the lack of posts. I recently found a new site, www.ravelry.com and it's awesome for those interested in yarn crafts! In there I found a longies pattern to make for Lincoln!
Here's Lincoln modeling the longies I made.
It took me just over a week to make them, and they are 100% wool, so they can be used over the diaper w/o a cover.

And these are the longies that I made for my cousin's new daughter, Lucy. They are made with Wool from Chile and it's hand dyed. Very soft after I lanolized them!

I just joined a yarn of the month club to make new ones every month, I am so excited to do that! It's with hand dyed wool too! I will post when I get them done!

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