18 July 2011

Plateau #2, busted!

I know it's been a while. But hey I am back. I busted through a plateau, and I am now down a total of 36.6, with a loss today of 2.8 lb. So I am happy. It's been a bit frustrating. I know I haven't been working out as much, but I am back.

I also signed up to do Taekwondo with Chandler at Family Kicks, and I start today as a white belt. I'll be blogging about this new adventure. It's helped Chandler so much, I know it will help me! So in addition to doing the TKD, I'll be working on training for the Providence Bridge Pedal on August 14th, and walking. I should go to the gym, but I don't want to. I'd rather do things around the house. I guess it's good that I am not paying membership fees right now (Costco's flat rate 24 hr membership for 2 years=awesome).

Maybe I should do measurements today and see where I am at before I start the TKD training. :) Then I'd have another tool to see how I am doing.

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