18 March 2012

Shamrock 5K Run 2012

32,500 runners & walkers!
Lucy, Chandler & I
In January I decided to do a 5k, why not Shamrock? It was 3 months away; it would be spring, pretty, I'd have time to train, and it was time to set a deadline for myself. Today I completed it. I can check that off the list! I was hoping for a faster time, but hey that gives me plenty to improve on! It was NOT warm and spring like. More like old man winter had other plans. All week there have been threats of snow on Sunday morning; SNOW?! So yesterday I was buying gloves that were not of the ski variety, finding a beanie that I could wear, bought some ear cover band (I don't know what the technical word is). Last night I game planed the wardrobe. Compression shorts over running pants (all dri-fit), sports bra then layered a polyester cami, Shamrock shirt, then Aim High (Representing our team- Hey Yo!) shirt. Grabbed my TKD belt (hey it's green) and threw that on. I was all set. I got my phone loaded with an hour worth of tunes, and crashed with the help of Advil PM.

This morning I got up (with Chandler since he was going to do the 1k lap) got all that stuff put on and was ready to jet. Grabbed my morning cup of coffee at Dutch Bros and we were on our way. Figuring it would be easier to get to downtown, we took HWY 26 to Market Street. WRONG MOVE MELISSA!!!! We got so stuck with all the 8k and 15k runners. Needless to say Chandler and I had to get out of the car at Barber Blvd. and 6th and walked all the way to Pine and Naito Parkway. That was my warm up... 1.25 miles.

Once the race finally started, the rain stopped and the sun came out a bit. Thank you, God, you're awesome! I had a hard time keeping up with the running. It was just so cold and I was not near warmed up. Just after mile 1 marker I did the turn around and as I was walking by (granted I was power walking as much as I could), I saw a family of 3 standing on the side of the road. I was trying to 1. not be nosy & 2. check and see if they needed help. But what I saw floored me. It was a mom and dad checking on their teenage daughter. The daughter didn't have her lower left leg. She had one of those fancy running prosthesis. I had a hard time not breaking down and crying, NOT for her. But because I was so moved to see someone who had such challenges be out there getting her run on. I was so inspired I picked up my pace as I tried to keep the tears from flowing. It was amazing, what just that family on the side of the road did to me. I know I am told that I am an inspiration to others for what I've done in the last year, but that girl there was MY inspiration to keep going, not gripe about the cold, and finish. After mile marker #2, I was so happy to see Chandler & my uncle Keith watching from the sidewalk!!!! I ran over and gave high fives and kept running! Another inspiration to keep going, being there for Chandler & Lincoln when I am old and (not) grey.

As I was going up Broadway, I was finally warmed up. I jogged a bit more, and as I was passing all the officers directing the (unfortunate) drivers of the various cars, I thanked each one of them for keeping us safe. I know it seems silly, but those guys are keeping us (runners/walkers/crazy people in banana costumes) from being road kill. Before I knew it I was at Salmon! Down hill from then on! I was trying to not kill myself, so I kept up with the power walking/jogging intervals. By the time I saw the mike #3 marker, I had to get, yet another, photo!  As I turned on to Natio Pkwy, I was ready to cross the finish line! I was ready to turn in my chip and head to see Chandler.

.1 mi to go!

Another 1/2 mile hike to the car (back up past broadway, LOL), and we were on our way! Total miles logged for Sunday 5.17 mi. I am toast! But I took Advil, a bunch of Sportenine (Info on this awesome Homeopathic medicine HERE), been hydrating and had a great sub from Jimmy John's. I am going to read a book and hang out with the family! Weigh in day is tomorrow, I hope this workout doesn't kill the weigh in.


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