07 May 2012


Last week I did everything right. I tracked, I worked out (not enough, but I did), I drank lots of water and today when I weighed in I was up .2! Gah!!!!! I am so frustrated! Especially when I was down nearly 3 lb yesterday morning! Granted we had hamburgers for dinner last night, which means salt. But still?!

So this week I am keeping with what I was doing. But I am going to change my weigh in days to Friday. But since I have to bring Lincoln with me, I'll just weigh in, but go to meetings still on Monday since most of my friends attend that meeting. I am wondering if weighing in before the weekend will be better, especially since I am normally down the most by Thursday or Friday. I'll give it a month and see if it works. I am just at a loss, because I can't get a loss!

So I'll see how I do on Friday and consider this a bump on the way (a big, irritating bump)!


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