12 December 2008

UPDATE:Ipods... A love/hate relationship: How to upgrade your iPod hard drive!

12/28/08 Update:
So the fix didn't work for my Ipod... I think it's actually a motherboard issue. Oh well... No biggie, I was given a new Ipod Touch 16GB for Christmas (Thanks Mom!!!). Now the old ones are being tossed! Woo! This new Ipod is amazing! It even has Wi-Fi! Unbelieveable! :) I am in love... I wish I could have an Iphone now. Drool!

So I have had an Ipod for some years now, I belive I started with a 3G and now have a 5G U2 edition. Love them...But also hate them at the same time! My 3G is still sitting in my drawer w/ a broken hard drive. After replacing it with my 5G, I couldn't get rid of it, for some stupid reason... Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. My newer one decided to do the SAME thing. Broken hard drive. Well we don't have the cash to replace it, so I did some fancy googling and learned how to replace the hard drive. WOO!

So I cracked open my Ipod and pulled out the hard drive and figured out what model HD I'd need. Off to eBay to buy one, because you can't get them in stores. I actually thought Fry's might have them and when I called, the person said I couldn't replace the HD but he'd love to sell me a new one! Right, I'll be right there (insert sarcasam here). So I bought the new HD and waited... and waited...and waited.

It came yesterday and I put it in, following the instructions I read on a blog (link below). And then I got it to work, well at least the apple logo and sad faced Ipod came on. But I was having trouble getting it to go into disk mode. Well today I sat down and pulled the HD back out and dinked (techinical term) with it.

And it worked! YAY! I was so excited! It's still acting funny, makes me think the motherboard is not happy, but it's playing my Christmas music and frankly I just need that and my Beethoven at night. So if I can play that I'll be happy. But when I opened iTunes, I realized I have 3200 files on my iPod! Wow.

So anyway, here's the link to how to replace your hard drive on your iPod, including model numbers for all generations of iPods!

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