29 August 2009

A summer catch up...

Life has been pretty busy. With Rob finishing school for the summer (yay) and enjoying the summer time, it's been fun and busy.

We've made a couple trips to the lake, which has been nice. The one trip we took, it was 100 degrees with ZERO wind. It sucked! The boys were hot, Lincoln was too hot he was getting sick. The only way for him to sleep was driving around to cool him down then sleep with Rob. Poor bug. Chandler slept on the floor of the living room, doing it old skool like his mom and TT! :) Lot of fun. Then he had one of his BFF's come up with his family to play. It was great. And even Kevin and Mary came too. It was a great weekend at the cabin and I know Dad would be proud to see such fun being had by all.

Lincoln is a movin' fool. Not walking but moving in every other which way! It's so cute. We just found out that he loves Blue's Clues! He's sitting in his high chair and dances when they sing! It's a riot. Chandler's been on this BC band wagon for a week or so and it's so cute!

Chandler also is now addicted to Dad's Xbox. He's got the Batman Lego game and is in love with the game. It's all he asks about day and night! It's cute, but annoying! He has to clean up his toys and do his 30 minutes of homework, which is working on ABC's and 123's. He loves it and asks to do his home work. I am so thrilled he loves it so much.

Which brings us to Preschool! He's starting St. Andrew Lutheran Preschool in a few weeks. It will be nice to get back into that routine. He's so excited to see Bryan at school, he's been asking to see him for a while. Even when we'd go to story time at church, he'd wonder if he'd be there. Too cute!

I am actually working on super hero capes for the boys to play with at school. They have plenty of dress up stuff for girls, just not enough boys, so a bit of Batman, Superman, Flash & Green Lantern will man it up a bit! :)

I'll post some pics of that soon. In the mean time, here are a couple from our professional shots in August (that we won at a school auction).

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