20 January 2010

Who is the Random Mommy?

I am Melissa. I am in my early 30's and live in the Pacific Northwest with my dear husband, Rob, and two cute boys, Chandler (6) and Lincoln (2.5).

I love to knit, crochet, sew, take photos, watch sports (hate soccer), read books (Twilight, Harry Potter and Millennium Series are the recent favorites), politics (hard core Republican/a "crazy" Tea Party Member).

I love to sing, and I do semi-professionally in Portland's Singing Christmas Tree. I've done it 9 years and in 2011, it will be my 10th season! I love it and the fellowship it brings. I've met some amazing people in the TREE choir. They have helped me through many trials in my life (especially when my Dad passed away in 2006). I also love to teach Sunday School for Chandler's age at our Church (Lutheran), and am active there.

Rob is in his 3rd year of school for Electronic Engineering Technology/Electrical Engineering. He goes to school at night and also works full time for my family's natural food brokerage. I work as a Webmaster and work with Retail level promotions. It's fun and works well with the mommy schedule.

Chandler had surgery on June 7, 2010 for a Tethered Spinal Cord at Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital. His surgeon, Dr. Monica Wheby, was able to cut the tether and he was able to go home the next day. As a form of physical therapy he is in Taekwondo at Family Kicks Martial Arts. When he began in July, about 1 month post-op, he had awful balance, his gait was akward, he couldn't bunny hop. Now 6+months later, his range of motion in his legs has improved dramatically, he can bunny hop and jump, he can balance on 1 leg for 5+seconds, and his run is faster and less spastic looking. Master Null has really been a true blessing for Chandler and our family!

Lincoln is very different from Chandler (don't they always say that?), and is very active. He climbs up things, is much more rougher, has a thick skull (yes, we do know this), and is a lover! He's a late talker, just like big brother, and is in speech therapy as well. He's not nearly as severe as Chandler (who has Apraxia of Speech), but we started ST early with Linc, just in case.

For Me, this blog began as random musings, and such of the family, but it will take a new meaning as a way for me to loose the 150 lb that I need to loose. Doing Weight Watchers and exercising are the ways I am tackling the goal. Starting weight: 331.2 on January 3, 2011. First goal is to loose 60 by Lincoln's 3rd birthday at the end of June. It's aggressive, but it needs to happen.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, please follow my journey, it will help keep me accountable! :)

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