21 January 2010


A new blog address, and a first post of the year! So we are 3 weeks into 2010 and life is returning back to normal as much as it was in November. Rob's back in school, so is Chandler. Major difference between November and January is, the amount of toys in the family room and the fact that Lincoln is walking. But with a new year (thank God 2009 is OVER, what an awful year!) reflection is a part of the tradition... Instead of reflecting on 2009, I look forward.

For 2010, I have a few goals, not resolutions, but goals.
1. Stick to the diet & gym.
They won't hurt you, only make you stronger, literally.
2. Keep working on reading the Bible, daily!
It will make you stronger, but in faith and love for God.

I have kept it simple. Those are the goals. We'll see where we are in 49 weeks, on how I did. :)

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