02 January 2012

1 year down!

Today is my 1 year mark on my journey to a healthier Melissa. I am very proud of committing to this, and sticking with it (in some way or form) for this long. Normally I burn out after 2-3 months and give up. I am very happy to say that I have changed my life(style) not just did/am doing a diet. In this period of time I have lost over 46 lb. I did gain this week (+2.4) but I think that was because of such a big loss last week and being sick. I was dehydrated and was warned when I weighed in last week, I could gain. Ann was right. But I am not stressing over it.

I have looked at my blog from the last year and have noticed what was working and what wasn't working. Working: gym & tracking. Not working: just Taekwondo & trying to eat right. So I am back to hitting the gym 2-3 times a week and I am back to tracking food. I am game planning my week too, seeing (ahead) what the hurdles will be and knowing how to over come them. This week we are going to see West Side Story, which means eating out. So If I hit the gym (changed to Crunch today) twice and Taekwondo twice before Friday, I'll be in good shape.

But I wanted to write about what I've accomplished in the last year besides the obvious scale victory.
1. Size 18 pants!
2. Smaller shirt size (22/24-darn boobs)!
3. Speaking of boobs, smaller bra size too!
4. Being able to do the elliptical for more than 1/2 hr without fear of dying (kidding).
5. Just saying "no" to cookies and junk.
6. Making better choices when out to eat.
7. Joining Chandler in Taekwondo and succeeding!
8. Speaking of TKD, Ax and Roundhouse kicks at my head level! Nuff said!
9. Balancing on a balance ball on all 4's for over a minute (close to 2).
10. On the ball, getting on to just my knees for the count of 5 (need to be at 20 when I test for black belt).
11. Feeling good about looking at myself!
12. Buying Ladies (not women's) XL workout pants!
13. Donating a ton of FAT clothes! Woot!!!

There are more, but those are listed on the other list. :) Until next time, friends!



  1. Wow Melissa! You look fantastic. Good for you for being so committed to you, your health and your family. I'm excited to hear about your progress in the upcoming year.


  2. I am so proud of you!!! You look great.