07 February 2011

Weigh in Monday

I knew today was going to be a rough day at my WW meeting: the day after Super Bowl, aka food bowl. But I wasn't going to let it get me down at all. Yes I splurged, I had a small slice of poppy seed cake (skipped the frosting) and 1/2 a chocolate cupcake (skipped frosting). So I knew it wasn't going to be too pretty. I was right, +1.6! Doh!

But on the other hand, this morning, I got up dropped Chandler at the bus, and took Lincoln to the gym to do Bodypump at 9 am, of course my meeting is at 10:45, so I think that also could be part of the reason my number was higher. At least that's what Rob said could happen.

But I am good with it, you know why? I *feel* good! I am feeling more energy, even if I am stiff and sore. Insert groan here. Ha! This morning I even bumped up my weights that I am using, and the instructor of Bodypump gave me a trick to help me with lunges (I loathe those), since I have a hard time balancing while keeping perfect form. Score.

So last week I worked out 4 days, 3 of those days were classes (Zumba and Bodypump). I will be keeping with the goal of 4 days. I need my body to be able to recover. But tonight I am going to be INSANE! I am going to hit Zumba too, daily doubles, much? Yep. I am also going to have Rob help me do my measurements. I should have done it when I started 5 weeks ago, but oh well, better late than never.

So there it is, I gained, and I am OK with it. After last week, I am surprised I feel that way. Let's hope next week will be OK since it's our 7th Anniversary and we are going out to dinner. Wish me luck!

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