28 February 2011

Weigh in Monday!!!

Last week, I forgot to post about my "small" loss of .4 lb. It was a busy week. I didn't work out but I painted Chandler's bedroom in preperation for his room make over for his 6th birthday. But I did actually work up a sweat prepping, painting and cleaning up the mess. So that worked out, counting as activity points.

This week, when I weighed in, I was prepping myself for a gain, since I've been sick and went off plan. Who knew that I'd lose, let alone lose 2.6 lb! Which that means...I've hit 11.4 lb!!!! Woo! So now I didn't just hit 10, but went past it! I didn't work out, I ate junk (read: cake, yum!), didn't track, etc.

But I am happy to be down this week, and hitting my 2nd mini goal of 10 lb. I am toying with the idea of starting up my bodybugg this week so I can see if I can be better about tracking my activity and making sure I am really not going crazy on the calories. I know it means double tracking, but I think I'll do better using the Bugg to make sure I am on my way. I am now 49.6 away from my goal that I'd like to hit June 29! That's 4 months from today; 12 lb a month. I think the Bugg will help hit that goal of 12 a month.

Please leave comments & follow my blog, I love to read them, and it helps keep me on track! Thank you for reading and for the support!!!

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