14 November 2011

Seriously!? Plus Thanksgiving recipe ideas!

This week, I was doing/trying so hard to be good...only to have a bad day yesterday and blow my weigh in. I know it's a journey and not an overnight thing, but hell, you can kill progress overnight. Up 1.6 this week. Grr.

Today we planned out Thanksgiving. So it got me in the mood to look around for some skinny reciepes for the day. I have found plenty. Besides our Shelton's Free Range (no antibiotics/hormone) turkey breast we'll bake. Here are some things that caught my eye. Of course, you all know how much I love Skinny Taste, so all but one are from her site. Thanks Gina!
Cranberry-Pineapple Sauce
Skinny Apple Cobbler
Skinny Scalloped Potato Gratin
Baked Turkey Croquettes (for leftovers)
Low Fat Green Bean Casserole

So I have a good idea of the plan-so I can just have my meal (since that's all it is) and not worry. Granted it's obviously WAY easier said than done. But I am still trying to have a miracle and hit that blasted 50 by December 1. Today's weigh in didn't help one bit, well it gave me the needed boost to plan my schedule with the gym and Taekwondo in mind. They are appointments-period. I need to make it a priority. I think if I were to do 3 days in the gym  (30-45 minutes of cardio), I could pull off a nice loss next week. I'd love to see 3-4 lb. Until next time,

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