03 November 2011

Weigh in & Halloween

Last week, I had a good plan, tracking and being good. I was! I weighed in on Monday and was down 1.6 (back to 40.0 total loss). I was a tad worried since Mom and I went to the beach for the weekend. I had a plan for that too. Clam Chowder once, be healthy the rest of the time. Well I failed on that front, but succeeded on another. I had clam chowder at Mo's and then at another cafe in Garibaldi, plus a hamburger & homemade fries. BUT when I am in Cannon Beach for Retreat (Singing Christmas Tree) I normally hit the CB bakery for my morning latte and 1-2 amazing maple bars. Yep, skipped the maple bars-both mornings! NSV (Non-scale victory)! But the real victory is that I was not at a house where I could grab various junk or snack foods! So I think that helped in the loss for the week. So really it came down to the fact that I was recording a CD all day Saturday, so I wasn't just lounging eating without thinking. :)

I had a plan for Halloween-no treats in the house to give out! I had McDonald's coupons that I handed out to the 5 (!) kids that came to the door. Now I knew the kids would bring candy home, but I didn't think it would be so much. I suppose I should have known when we went to downtown Tigard's Trick-or-Treat party AND around the neighborhood, that we'd have a plethora of junk... First a picture of my cuties in their gear.
Chandler as Thor and Lincoln as a race car driver.
After going to my weigh in Monday morning, we were reminded that we can bring candy in to send to the troops. SOLD! So yesterday, after having way to may encounters with their loot, I bagged up a bunch to take back to WW on Friday leaving the kids with just a bit of chocolate (their fave) to enjoy. Let's just hope my lack of will doesn't kill me on the scale on Monday! I have 10 lb to loose in 1 month-a very steep goal. So let's hope for a good Monday weigh in. Until then, have a great week!


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