28 November 2011

Thanksgiving success

This week we had a beautiful Thanksgiving meal with Rob's family. I made all the dishes that I would eat, and the things I don't eat (stuffing, yams, pumpkin pie, etc) I didn't make. So everything I made was low in fat, sodium (if possible), and calories. I must say it all turned out delish! I didn't track at all, didn't exercise much (TKD once), and still managed to loose 2.4 to hit 45 lb lost on the nose! I was very excited to see that number. I know my goal was to hit 50 by next week, and I know that's most likely not going to happen, but I will be close! :) That makes me happy.

This week will be busy, and I suspect I'll be able to be good. I will be down at the Keller Auditorum for the Singing Christmas Tree. Starting tonight and through Sunday, I will be singing and having a blast with my TREE friends! I am amazed by how many people I know (women) are doing Weight Watchers or counting calories. It's just another support group and it really does help to have more friends to check in with. I will be sad next Monday when I won't be able to check in (in person) with Jo-Netta, Pattie, Gwen, Karen or Stacey. But  my motivation is still there in email and facebook.

Next week I'd like to see a drop of 2, and that will be without TKD all week, since it won't fit into the schedule. But I might try and squeeze in a couple gym runs.


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