17 February 2012

Lego Birthday Invite-How to!

I am working on Chandler's 7th (gasp) birthday party. It's a Lego theme. :) No surprise there. So after playing and having a ton of "waste my time" time on Pinterest (what?! You don't know what I am talking about?! You must find out what this amazing, awesome, place is, like yesterday!) I found some ideas for his party. Here's my board, you can find some ideas here, need an invite (It's invite only), leave a comment. I'll hook you up. Melissa on Pinterest

Card-stock in kiddo's favorite color or Lego colors (yellow, red, blue)
Photo printed
Paper cutter
2" diameter circle cutter or circut
Black thin Sharpie
Foam Adhesive circles
Double sided tape

Chandler's invite is a 5x5 inch square of  card-stock (scrapbook paper I had laying around, in yellow). I snapped a photo, and edited it in a graphics program (Fireworks CS3). He's holding a Lego Base Plate with Legos around and the number 7 in the center (Thank you Pinterest). I played with the photo, composition and how I wanted it to look. I shot him on the patio and I was up on a chair. I knew I needed the shot to crop to 4x4" square. I think I took 25 shots. I did my editing magic making him black and white and keeping the Lego 7  in color. Sent to Costco, had them printed on 4x6, and then cut them down to size. Then I used some double sided tape to attach. This was the easy part. I added "Chandler is" to the top since I figured, I should make it a bit more obvious. ;)

I bought some Foam Adhesive Circles at Michael's to give the Lego Stud 3D effect.

I also bought a 2" diameter circle punch to cut out 70+ circles. Much easier and worth the $8-10! If you have a Circut, then you could use that I am sure. I just don't have one, yet. LOL. You can see above how the back part of the invite is done.

I wrote all the details on the circles with a thin black Sharpie. Yes, hand written, it does suck, but whatever.  I added 4 foam circles to the invite, making them evenly spaced to give the 4 stud Lego look. The foam circles stick out just enough to give it definition. 

I added a map that I had drew in my graphics program, that included the address of the location as well as my cell if they get lost.

Last but not least, I had some orange envelopes from a previous b-day invite, so I used those. Nice and bright and it set the tone perfectly. Chandler loved his invites. And I loved the photo so much I had Costco print an 8x8" print that I am going to frame for his party. And yes, I am giving myself a pat on the back. :)

Hope you enjoy! If you need a Pinterest invite leave your email and I'll help you out. There are so many great ideas there! Enjoy!

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