27 February 2012

The List Update & weigh in

Added to the list, which you can read about more here.
A reason for every pound I've lost:
  1. Sit on the floor comfortably without pinching my nerve in my hip.
  2. Walk through the pew at church without having to side step
  3. Lose the double chin
  4. Rediscover my jaw bone
  5. To shop at any store!
  6. Paint my toenails without having to put my foot up on the counter!
  7. Being able to see what color it is without having to bend over!!
  8. Hold a plank position for more than 1 minute
  9. Do more than 1 real push up at a time
  10. Fit in narrow seats
  11. Not have back fat
  12. Not have my legs touch in the middle
  13. Go jogging for fun, not for a fitness test (high school=nightmares)!
  14. Get to a healthy weight so I can see my future grandchildren!
  15. Find my collarbone and show it off
  16. Not just wear jeans & t-shirts!
  17. Run a 5k
  18. Train for a half marathon
  19. Train for a century bike ride (100 miles)
  20. Have tall boots fit over my calves
  21. Wear heals and not complain the minute they are put on!
  22. Not have my arms wave back at you when I wave
  23. Prove that I wasn’t meant to be FAT!
  24. Earn a Black Belt in Taekwondo
  25. Be smaller than I was as a Freshman in High school (271 lb)
  26. Feel good in my exercise clothes
  27. Have a healthy glow
  28. See my toes from a standing position (I suppose that goes with toenail polish).
  29. Make healthy changes to my favorite recipes because I want to, not because I have to
  30. Wake up ready to go, and not want more sleep
  31. Have more flexibility mentally and physically
  32. Prevent knee surgery
  33. Not be ashamed of myself
  34. Enjoy looking in the mirror
  35. Shop in the "regular" section of department stores
  36. Have positive things to say about myself
  37. Increase stamina
  38. Fit comfortably in chairs at events (ie: giants games,convention center, etc.)
  39. Feel like a legitimate athlete when I am out exercising 
  40. Look like a legitimate athlete when I am out exercising
  41. Inspire people
  42. Take joy in taking care of myself
  43. Try things I’ve wanted to try, but haven’t due to weight.
  44. Know that I'm worth it 
  45. Finally know I DESERVE it
  46. I no longer qualify to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser!!
  47. Be able to be a bone marrow donor on Be the Match
  48. Feel good about donating all the fat clothes! See ya! (Dec 29, 2011)
  49. Enjoy food knowing it's healthy
  50. Seeing that I am more flexible than I was 8 months ago
  51. Not seeing a number before the letters "XL" (in mens). 
  52. Look in the mirror and enjoy the reflection!
  53. To not follow my dad in passing away early.
  54. Be able to run around with the kids and NOT gasp for breath.
  55. Have energy to do the things I want to do. (February 27, 2012)
I have neglected my list, and a friend (Lisa) updated hers, reminding me to update mine. I was happy to have to add 7 items. It's going to get tougher to add as I go. But I'll try to focus inward to find a worthy item to list. It's part of the "healing" process and acceptance of change!

I lost .6 lb this week, which I am happy with. I haven't been running as much as I should be. And I am going to work on busting through the week 4 "plateau!" I have a run in 20 days and I need to focus! I am starting to get nervous about it. But as I figured out in my Weight Watcher meeting today, I am not going to win the race; that's not my goal. My goal is to finish. But my true goal is to do it in 45 minutes, a 15 minute mile/4 MPH average. When I signed up, I also signed up as a runner, which gets me a chip timer. So I'll know! :) 

The other thing I've done is registered for the March of Dimes 10k walk (6.2 miles) in late April. I am probably nuts, actually I know I am. Especially since I was planning on doing the Cinco de Mayo 5k. Hmmm. But I have a great friend who's running the team and it's such a great cause. Want to donate? Click here, please!  So in addition to my crazy loco ideas about running, I am starting to mentally think about riding my bike. I am actually looking forward to spring and when it warms up enough to ride outside. But if it's going to snow, please do it soon! I really would like to see some before I hit the 2 wheeler. LOL. 

Also in TKD news, Chandler and I belt tested last week. We are now Senior Green belts. I broke my board on the first try with the Axe Kick. Got an A on Il Jang and A- on my 2nd form, Sa Jang. So I received Decided tape and Silver tape for my 2nd form. I am very pleased! Next up is Blue Belt, and offically graduating out of the "beginner" level classes


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  1. Melissa, I am so proud of your progress. You are doing an awesome job.