10 September 2008

First day of school!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008-Chandler's first day of Preschool at St. Andrew. Written in the baby book and pictures taken. First art project done, first circle time, first snack time prayer, first song... all these firsts. It's crazy, I guess I am so used to "no more firsts" with him, since he's three, but wow, what a week.

He went to school at 1 pm, and had time to play in the class room (legos, animals, arts & crafts), then he did a hand print art project (he wouldn't paint his hands so we traced). Then he sat on the red square for circle time where they sang a song and read a story. Then we (the parents-who were there for orientation) left to meet with the head teacher and the director of the school. The kids (all 5, such a small class) ate snack (after saying grace) and then played more. We left at 2:40 or so. He had a great time! He didn't want to leave! He picked a Literacy bag-which is a book, prop and an activity, to take home. He chose Two Cool Cows to read. I think because he can say the title. :)

He can't wait to back next week (he only had 1 day this week). We will be doing a bunch of fun things in school-Thanksgiving dinner, Jesus' Birthday Party, Pajama Party, Mom & Me Tea, Field Trips to the community pumpkin patch (on school property) and to the Beaverton Library.
Today we celebrated Mom & Michelle's birthdays at Outback. It was a nice dinner but more fun seeing everyone together.
Auntie opening her rockstar poster of Lincoln's birth announcement.

Lastly, a shot of Mom and the boys at a party this last weekend.

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