08 September 2008

Last night before school

Well, tonight is the night before...school! Chandler's so excited to go, it's silly. He's walking around with his back pack on saying "go?" I feel bad that I have to say we are waiting until tomorrow, since he's so excited. The only thing that's making me sad is that he's got a runny nose (so does Lincoln, see below). And I am thinking it's just a runny nose nothing more, since he's totally normal. He's just not eating as much as normal. But we will go anyway, since there isn't a fever. He has speech therapy (ST) in the morning and then a short day of pre-school. I will post pics tomorrow!

Now, Lincoln has his first cold. Poor boy. He's so stuffy. Mom suggested I take him to get his ears checked, so I did (he's gained 10 oz in a week!). His ears are fine. Dr. Miller said it will last a week or so (5 more days). Good thing with Lincoln is that he's sleeping!! He did his first "sleep through the night" Saturday night. Now I, personally, say that's 8 hours w/o waking, some will say 5-6. Nope, I want 8 hours. :) So he did 8.5 hrs Saturday night and then 9 hrs Sunday night!!! WOOT! But I suppose if he's sick, that would be the reason. We'll see, he went down at 8:30 tonight again.

Anyway I will have shots of the boys tomorrow!

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