02 September 2008

New Ink

My newest addition to the ink I have already! I got Lincoln's name inked onto my left wrist. It matches Chandler's tattoo (except his is blue). I had it done by Lew at Atlas Tattoo in North Portland. He was awesome. He had a 1 month old at home and so we had plenty to chat about! I felt like I was getting the pidly little tat done since there were 4 other people getting massive tats.

Lincoln turned 2 months last friday and today was his 2 month check up with Dr. Miller. He's 13 lb and 23 inches long. He's perfect (his words not mine, but I do agree). He said to keep on doing what we are doing and we'll talk solids at the next appointment... Huh?! Soild food already, no way! This is my little baby, he's not getting that big; so big he's into 3-6 mo clothes, that he's taking 6-8 oz bottles, or sleeping 7 hrs at night. Yes, I am getting nostolgic, but you mommies know when it's your last you have to savor all of the baby stuff.

Which brings to the news that we are officially done, permantely, if you catch my drift. ;) I am happy it's all taken care of. I really love the boys but I am so happy we have just the 2 and we can go 2 on 2. We were blessed with very sweet boys (granted Chandler is still adjusting to Lincoln's arrival). I am very thankful that I have an understanding hubby that will do things that are not comfortable, especially when the novacaine doesn't work.
Chandler starts preschool this week, back at the school district. Then he's at St. Andrew Preschool next week. I can't believe he's going back. I am glad though, I think he'll start to get back to the sweet boy that he was prior to Linc's arrival. But we will see. His class at Church has only 3 kids to 2 teachers, so it will be great for him.

I will post when he's back into school and we have first day of school pics.

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