07 March 2011

Weekly weigh in!

After some thought and determination, I decided I needed to do some adjustments. I got my Bodybugg out and started using it to see how many calories I am actually burning. I love WW, but I am thinking that it's a great guideline, but not "fast enough" for my taste. I'd like to loose 2-3 lb a week, not their recommended 1-2 lb a week. Sorry, but when you have this much to loose, 1 lb a week is 52 lb a year... Much better. Does that mean I am going to hit 2-3 every week, NO (look below)! But I can work toward that goal and feel like I am doing a bit better. I am going to keep going to meetings, since I get a lot out of the meetings right now. It's nice to have the "official weigh in day/time" that's not at home. :)

Now I am going to start posting my weekly calorie burn and intake instead of points. It's a much better gauge to see how many lbs I should be loosing. Math Alert: For every lb of fat it takes 3,500 calories to burn. So if you are in a 3,500 calorie deficit (500 a day), you should loose 1 lb. For me, my goal is to be in a 1,000-1,500 calorie deficit a day. I am eating about 1,800 calories, so I need to burn 2,800-3,300 a day. I didn't enter points this week, but I logged all my food in the Body Media site, so I will be going back to see how many points I did eat. And since I didn't really start this until Tuesday afternoon, I think some of my data below could be skewed a bit. But it's worth looking at. :)

Week of: March 1 (Tues)-March 6 (Sun)
Calories Burned (Avg): 3778
Calories Consumed (Avg): 1908
Calorie Balance (Avg): -1870 a day (woo!)
Physical Activity (Avg): 1 hr 6 min
Steps (Avg): 7504

Weight Lost: 1.6 lb
Total Lost: 13.0 lb

Conclusion for the week: Keep it up! 1.6 is great, it's a loss! Goal is to get back into the gym. I burn a lot more calories doing the elliptical than lifting weights, but I love both. Going to hit Zumba tomorrow to see what kind of burn Gina can give me!

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