02 January 2011

New year, new start!

This year, I am actually going to try to keep to something I resolve to do. It never works, but alas, I try. For 2011, and beyond, I am going to give it my all to loose this blasted weight. With all of Chandler's health issues fixed (Tethered Spinal Cord surgery June 7, 2010), it's time to focus on myself. Not for the selfish reasons, but to be alive to see my grand babies (here's hoping)!

So I start this year...FAT! I pray I am just less FAT!

I am going to loose weight by doing Weight Watcher's Points Plus system. Currently I am allowed 49 points. I don't know how to eat that much and loose weight, but Rob tells me you have to eat to loose. He's also aiming to loose some pounds, so we will do this together! Plan is to hit 24 hr Fitness 3 times a week to do either Zumba or 24Lift. Then two more times to do weights.

My blog goal is to blog on my weigh in days: thinking Monday right now. I will even give you the shameful numbers! I need to own it, even if I am embarrassed by it.

So tomorrow, I'll report the whole deal. Promise!

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