17 January 2011

The week 2 lull?

For those that watch the Biggest Looser on NBC, know all too well about the lack of weight loss in week 2. I don't know if it's because they shock their system that first week or if it's because week 2 is just harder period. For me, I was surprised when I went to weigh in today. I was figuring that proverbial week 2 that's notorious on the Biggest Looser was going to grab hold. It wasn't that I wasn't on plan, it was just a bit harder. But I was down 1 lb which made me smile, and reaffirmed that I can do this. Last week I concentrated on adding power foods, but I lacked the exercise that I did that first week. So this week I am going to strive to hit the gym 3 times, at least 2 being in a group class. While I love doing the Zumba class Monday night, it's just hard to make with Chandler's Taekwondo which is about an hour before my class.

So next weeks goals: hit the 5 lb mark and hit the gym 3 times. Seems easy enough! :)

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