27 January 2011

Celery Stalk science experiement!

Chandler was being a super kiddo this evening, so I decided to break out my "teacher" hat. :)

We decided to play with the celery, after I begged him to have a bite of celery from his stir fry dinner (he did, this was the reward).

I told him about the experiment we did in Mr. Foote's 5th grade class decades ago. We used food coloring in water and soaked the celery in it to see what would happen. He guessed (correctly) that it would turn blue and read (his food coloring choices). Left is his written hypothesis! He even spelled "my," "and," and "is" correctly! Very proud mama moment!

So here's our photos of our science experiment!

Chandler has the supplies on the table:
  • 2 Beakers
  • Measuring cup with lots of water
  • 2 Stalks of fresh celery (ends cut off, leaves left on)
  • Blue food coloring
  • Red food coloring
  • Wet rag in case of food coloring spillage or leaks (yes, I did learn from this as Lincoln is sleeping with red hands, whoops!)

Fill each beaker with water, Chandler decided to do 400 mL in each beaker.

Then add the food coloring. Pick colors that will show against the green of the celery. Don't do green or yellow, in other words. Otherwise you might not be able to see it.

Then have your kiddo add the celery. Take a photo and so you have something to compare it to once you check on the progress. Check back and make notes on how it's going.

For more photos you can see this link:
January & February 2011 photos

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