05 January 2011

First week-take one!

So I did it, I weighed in. I am at 331. There I said it. I have 50 WW points to eat a day, plus 49 extra points a week (which I don't have to eat, but can if I am doing something special). I am trying to stick to my 50 pts a day only; best way to start the journey, no "cheating" even if it's allowed.

Monday I did pretty good, I had 52 points, but I went and worked out. So that gave me 7 extra points for the week. I went with Amy and Jonathan Echols to Zumba at 24 hr fitness. It's a 60 minute class, all cardio. I did pretty well, Jonathan was very impressed that I lasted the whole 60 minutes, and frankly I was dumbfounded I lasted! Woot! I was cramping toward the end, and feared what Tuesday might bring. I was sore Monday night, but nothing too bad. Just used muscles I hadn't in a while!

Tuesday, I woke up sore-had a restful night's sleep, but tossed a bit thanks to those rarely used muscles that were making their presence known. I ate well, under my points by a couple. Had pasta with sauce for dinner (a fave for the boys) and some peas. I need to find a dressing for salad that I like. I am so picky-and really only like Ranch (which is bad for those on a diet). I also made a spreadsheet with foods that we keep in the house and eat often, listing their portion and points value. That will be handy!

One thing I have noticed is there are some great sites that I have found for resources for WW people. I have become a fan of 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet for their message boards. I am going to add some buttons off to the side of other blogs that have great recipes or tools for myself. Feel free to visit them and learn from them as well! I already have!

Today, I am trying to figure out dinner. Not sure what to do. I am thinking chicken, but not sure what I want to do with it. I have some left over pasta for a side. But I will see if Chandler has some ideas, since Rob will be at school tonight and it's just the boys and I.

On Saturday Rob and I will be going to 24 hr to try out a new GroupX class-a barbell lifting class called Les Mills Bodypump. I hope it is a good class, since I prefer lifting to cardio any day. But I will continue with Zumba on Monday nights with Amy and Jonathan. It was fun!

Well that's about it. I am on my journey to my first goal of 5% of my weight, about 17 lbs. But I'd really like to be down to 271 (60 lb down) by Lincoln's birthday. Besides hitting that in 6 months, it's the weight I was as a Freshman in High School (when I did track). I can do it!


  1. You can do this!! We can help keep each other accountable. :) Have you checked out www.dwlz.com yet? She has a LOT of restaurants points listed.

  2. As my comment posted, your little "Places I go" box popped up with Dotti's site on it. Trying to think of the other newsletter i got all the time last time I was on ww.

  3. Yes, I was doing some tweaking. I forgot about tickers! It's been a while since I needed one. Your site reminded me. :) I am hoping Dotti's updates for the Points Plus soon. Going out is the hardest! :) Thanks Paula! We can do it!