14 January 2011

Week two!

I weighed in on Monday and was down 3.6 lb! I was very pleased with the number! Very!!

I was really good all week, didn't used any extra points, just activity points, so I earned them. On Saturday I did a new class, Bodypump at 24 hr fitness. It really was amazing, kicked my ass! I was so sore on Sunday and worse on Monday. So I was even more insane and did it again on Tuesday! Guess what?! I wasn't nearly as sore. I am going to go again on Saturday, so we'll see how the 3rd time goes. I am sure it will be better. This afternoon, I'd like to hit the gym and do the elipitical for 1/2 an hour or so. Hopefully that will happen.

I am doing well with the diet, counting points and tracking. I bought the new WW cookbook and it looks promising for menu ideas. I am looking forward to making some recipes out of it. You can get it at Amazon or I bought mine at Costco. Even came with a free WW Magazine subscription!
I am also trying to add in more power foods to each meal this week, which was the topic of this week's meeting. So far I am learning what the green triangle means: you are fuller longer, and they are better bang for the buck! I rediscovered Malt O Meal hot cereal, only 3 points, and with 2 Tbs of brown sugar it's 6 points for breakfast! Yum!

I will try and post on Monday for the weigh in. I'd love to see another big number!

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