31 January 2011

Monday weigh in

So let's see how I did on my goals from last week!
Work out 5 days: CHECK! WOOT!

This week I also tried to eat some of the Weekly allowance points (aim for all 49), I didn't do too well on that one, I only ate 16. That's ok. I figure this week I'll hit them since it's Super Bowl.

So here are the stats for this week:
Lost 1.8 lb
Total lost: 7.2 lb
Average Points eaten: 48.4
Weekly Points Allowance eaten: 16 our of 49
Activity Points Earned: 38 (none used)

Weekly Average for January: 1.8 lb

Over all I am happy, but I am a bit disappointed. I figured with all the gym time it would have been a bigger number, at least 2 lbs. But at the same time it's the same amount I lost in the last 2 weeks combined. So I am happy about that.

Jeannine, my Leader, said that you can look at it two ways: you didn't loose what you wanted, and give up. Which means you most likely will gain it back, or you can accept it and repeat what you did next week for another 1.8.

As hard as it is I will look at it positively. 7.2 is still closer to my 60 lb goal by June 29. So here's to 52.8 more lbs in 21 weeks! If I average 1.8 for the next 21 weeks, that puts me at 45 lb. That's still good!

I really need to NOT STRESS on the number! It's just really hard not to! Ugh!!!!
Must chill and go work out!

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