22 March 2011

Granny Square bag!

My latest (completed) craft project is my granny square purse! Yes, an actual bag that I am actually using!

I got the pattern from Crochet Me. It's free, just have to sign up for their newsletter, which is actually pretty good! It's about 12x12 and the strap you can make as long as you want. I am still playing with the length. But so far so good.

I used Vanna's Choice in black, white and a variegated black/gray. Then I used Stitch N Bitch's Wool for the Aqua/Teal. Both worked up really nicely, and since I've never used either, it was a "gamble" on a project this intense.

I went to the local fabric store and got some sassy fabric that was light in color, so I could see the contents of my bag with our a flashlight. I used some biased tape to create a nice clean edge for the top. This step was the most intensive, and was not a part of the pattern. I just wanted something to keep my stuff inside, if I didn't do it I'd probably loose my $100 bluetooth. And that would cause Rob to be very mad at me. :)

I did each panel differently, so 4 squares in 3 different motifs. I made 9 out of the 12 squares in one night! So this whole project took maybe 5 nights. One thing I would change is getting 1 1/4" D rings versus the 2" D ring. I used the 2" and it didn't hold the strap. So I fixed it and it's much better. Also since I was already sewing the liner to the bag (which worked really well to my surprise), I made a narrow strip, hemmed it and sewed that to the strap to help strengthen the strap and small strap that holds the D rings. I know I tend to over load my bag (ask any friend), so this was important.

Over all, I'd say this was an easy beginner crochet project, the sewing part would add to the difficulty but you can omit that part. I see myself making another one of these for the summer in some bright colors!

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