25 March 2011

A great surprise!

Besides today being Chandler's 6th birthday, I had a great surprise! I decided to go weigh in mid week (today) to see how I was doing before the cake tomorrow for his party. So I went in, actually say my leader, and jumped (figuratively of course) on the scale. Boy was I shocked when it showed me DOWN 2.8 since Monday!

Just to show how shocked I was, last night I was *bad* and had a whole CPK BBQ Chicken pizza. Yeah, 1100 calories, bad! And I was still down.

So today, Chandler has requested, for dinner, steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots. But we cannot forget the cake! So I am going to be doing a diet chocolate cake made with diet soda!

I'll be posting about it as well as the apple bread this afternoon. I need to get work done first, and work out. I really want to maintain that 2.8 for Monday's official weigh in!

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