14 March 2011

Weigh in Monday!

Today's weight in was a bit of a surprise. I was bad over the weekend, and was dreading Monday morning. But I went, needing to be accountable for my actions, no matter how bad they could have been. This week I was down 1.8; total loss of 14.8! I am .2 from the 15 lb mark and 2.4 from my 5% goal!

So this was a good morning! Plus I didn't have to bring Lincoln with me, which was a HUGE bonus. Next week is spring break, Chandler will be coming along, which is fun since I know there is another woman who has kids the same age as mine, and they'll be there! :)

I need to work on getting into the gym more, I was only in twice last week, and that's not ok. Plus I was really bad about tracking my food. I know in my head I was close to the 1800 calories I aim for, but I know I blew it when I caved and hit Sonic with the family. So other goal is to get better at tracking the food. I am still wearing the Bodybugg so there isn't a reason NOT to track.

Also a goal is to try 2 new things this week.

I'll be posting later this week about Chandler's room renovation. It's been a fun project. Oh and speaking about project, I have a new crochet project to post on! It's been a fun project too.

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