28 March 2011

Weigh in Monday!

I feel like I did good this week, considering it was Chandler's big birthday weekend (yes, they tend to last more than one day). I did my mid week weigh in and was down unofficially 2.8 as of Friday. The official weigh in is today, and that number is.... Loss of 3.4!!!!! Which means total weight loss of 19 lb, which means 5% lost! Can I get a woot woot?

I am still shocked how awesome I did for Chandler's birthday! But I need to step it up even more! I would love to get a trainer just to push myself a bit more... But they are way to expensive. Maybe that would be a good b-day present! ;-) I have a goal of 20 lb down by Easter/33rd Birthday (April 24) and I think I will hit that next week, 3 weeks early!

Bodybugg output for the week March 21-27:
Calories Burned: Average 3129 (Goal 2800)
Calories Consumed: Average 1920 (Goal 1800)
Meals logged: 5.1 a day
Calorie Balance: Average 1209 (goal 1000, to equal 2 lb loss)
Physical Activity: Average 37 minutes (Goal 45 minutes)
Steps: Average 4465 (Goal 8000)
Sleep Duration: 5hr 11min (Goal 8 hrs-can you tell 1: I have kids & 2: it was spring break? LOL)

I think the bodybugg is really helping me hit my weigh in goals! I plan on doing another mid week weigh in this week, but I don't expect a big number since I had such a big one this week. But I'd be happy with 1.5 lb next week! Until then, have a great week!


  1. Wooo!! Congrats!! You starting the shred today? What's a bodybugg?

  2. Yep, I am on it, tonight!
    Bodybugg is what the contestants use on the biggest looser. It measures how many calories you burn during the day, and you track what you eat. The more of a deficit you are during the day the more you loose. EX: If you maintain a 500 calorie deficit, you should loose 1 lb a week since fat takes 3500 calories to burn. If you have 1000 calories, you should be down 2.

    It really keeps me in check. I have boosted my weight loss a ton since jumping on it! It's great. I bought mine at Costco (it's also called Bodymedia Fit) for $150. :)