02 May 2011

It's a beautiful day!

Cue the U2 song, as I sit outside on the patio, watching the boys play, while I wear my sunglasses! Ah, spring has finally shown up here in Portland! Whew, and not a moment too soon!!!! This week's weigh was a good one, still a bit surprising, but not really. I was down 3.4 this week. I was pretty impressed with myself for having 2 big weeks in a row (see progress page to the right for week recaps). But I will never complain about a loss! I have learned that lesson.

I wasn't nearly as good this week tracking or even making it to the gym, but did up my water intake, and I believe that's been a new key to this loosing thing! Gotta flush it out! :)

Today I went shopping with mom, Michelle, and the boys for new clothes. I was so proud to say, I am now a 22! I have new pants, shorts and skirt, in addition to some tops. Pics to come as I wear them. I do have one outfit that is begging for a trip to the Keller for Riverdance in a few weeks. But it might show up for the Singing Christmas Tree Auction next week. I feel very blessed. And even more committed to this journey. Thanks for the support!

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