17 May 2011


Well I think after 5+ months of dieting I finally hit my first plateau. I gained .4 this week (after last week's gain of .2), so I am calling this what it is...sucky. That's an official term, deal with it. :) I hit the weights last week, and had a blast at Zumba on Saturday with my friends Amy, Vera & Amy. I danced for about an hour and a half, and I burned 900 calories. It was a ton of fun and a great benefit for Kidtalk, Chandler & Lincolns' speech clinic.
Amy Echols and I after our Zumba fun!
I had a great time dancing and I was even feeling uber comfortable with the moves! A  huge improvement over 3 months ago.

This week I am changing up the diet a bit, to try and break the plateau. Monday night I threw the "plan" out the window and enjoyed some awesome Italian food from Ernesto's. It was so yummy! If I am going to blow a meal, I might as well eat something that is outstanding, right?

Today I am back on plan, but I didn't hit the gym. I will be doing that tomorrow. Since it's going to be nice (knock on wood) for a couple days this week, Lincoln and I will hit the pavement and walk a bit. I am still trying to hit 3.1 miles, so I can say I did a 5K. I don't see why I can't hit that this week! I'd love to get the 5K charm for my 10% keychain from WW (that I haven't gotten yet, feh). Yeah, I like getting little dinky shit to keep me interested. I'll keep you posted if that happens this week! Toodles!!

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