23 May 2011

30 lb gone forever!!!!!

Last week when I did my mid week weigh in, I was in a good spot, both mentally and in terms of lbs down. Over the weekend, I didn't go crazy, especially since I was still a bit stiff from doing my 5k on Thursday. So when I weighed in today, I was hoping to have a -2 show up, boy was I happy when it was -3.2! Which means I get to add my 30 lb down star to the post! Woot!!!!

I am now onto the same goal I've been attempting to hit for the last few weeks, 10% loss. I am still 3 lbs away from that. If all goes well this week, I will hit it next Tuesday (no WW on Monday since it's Memorial Day). I am hoping I get to get that blasted keyring!!! I have 3 charms to put on it, my 25 lb charm, 16 week key to success, and now my 5k charm!

For this week, I want to make it outside and do some more walking. I think I burn more when I do that. But good ol' Oregon weather will make it officially "weather permitting." I know that's an excuse. Of course that's what we talked about in our meeting this week. But hey, walking with a (almost) 3 year old in a stroller, isn't easy, and I can't imagine doing it with rain... Maybe I hit the weights in the basement, and do some Zumba on the Wii. It's been a lot harder getting to the gym with Rob's new schedule (again, an excuse! Damn it!). But here's hoping!!! Have a great week!!!

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  1. Yay you! Making great strides!

    I used to be anti-ran too. I never went out to exercise if it was even drizzling. Then I learned that it actually helps me when I'm overheating from my workout. The rain makes it that much more enjoyable. Now I don't go when it's pouring out, that's crazy talk. But when it's just a light rain or drizzle I actually prefer it. That took some time though. Try it, it's not all that bad and then when you get home that hot shower feels so awesome!