09 May 2011

What's the worst?

After last week's long list of emotions and changes I was prepped for a gain... How much was the big question. Sure enough at the weigh in this morning I was up .2. On Friday I was up 1.4, so I was fine with the .2! So I am 6 pounds away from my 10% goal.

I already hit the gym this afternoon, getting back to the weights and cardio. Tomorrow, I'll do the same. Now the challenge comes in! Rob starts working in the Fab on Wednesday. Do I take Lincoln with me to the gym and go for an hour or do I wait and go at night (around 9)? Hell, I suppose I could just figure out some sort of cardio and do the weights at the house since I have a bench and a set of dumbbells. Hmmm.

I just see myself using that as an excuse!!! I don't want to do that. I need to prep my body for my 2 hour Zumba class/benefit on Sunday! So I have to hit the gym. I am excited though that my sister will be coming to the benefit for Chandler & Lincoln's speech clinic (Kidtalk).

I am also realizing that Rob will be home for Sunday night and every other Wednesday night for dinner. That's a bit of a bummer, and it also kills my being able to blame him for not knowing what to do for dinner! Doh! So tonight I sat down with Chandler and we came up with a 2 week dinner plan, or I should say 12 days worth since Rob will get the nights he's home! LOL.

The other thing I need to come clean on is that I haven't been tracking! I jumped back online today and started tracking again. I know that is 50% of this thing, knowing what goes in the mouth!

So this week: TRACK TRACK TRACK and hit the gym!

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