31 May 2011

It's still a loss!

Since Monday was Memorial Day (Thank you to our troops) I got to weigh in a day late. Honestly, I was not looking forward to this weigh in. I totally blew last week. I didn't log any meals (crap) but I did wear my bodybugg, so I do know what my burn was. Granted it doens't mean much when you eat too much shit food! But damn, it did taste good. :)

But alas, I did calculate my averages for the last week:
Worn: 18.3 hrs/day
Burn: 2977
Steps: 4209
Activity: 42 min
Sleep: 6:19 hrs
BMI 48.52
Lost .6 lb

So for having a *very* long weekend with the kids and Rob working his 4 day shift week, I am surprised I did as well as I did! I totally figured it was a gain of 2-3. But I kicked it into diet mode on Saturday, so maybe that saved me.

Honestly, cheating like that, just cheats myself. I know it's totally cheesy, corny or cliche, but still. I can only answer to one person, myself. So who's to blame? Me. But on the flip side of the coin, who's to blame for the loss? ME! So, this week, I need to recommit to being on plan. I want to loose 2.5 lb this week, so I can get my 10% key ring (again, those darn tokens)!

I hit the gym yesterday, and I am going to go in a few minutes. Tomorrow morning Rob will take Lincoln to speech and my plan is to hit Bodypump class at 24 hr. It's been ages since I've been able to go to that class. So I look forward to it. I should do my measurements next week to see where I am at on the tape measure. I know that is really the true victory, smaller clothes. :) All I know my arms are sore from yesterday's lifting. So today will be just some fun on the elliptical.

Here's to a good week and some sun this weekend (I am going to prep the hot tub for this weekend)!


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